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Published Articles Featuring WABC (partial listing)

February 7, 2008 - HR Zone
International executive coaching: Trends for 2008 and beyond
"Experts exchange views on the developing profession of executive coaching and share the conclusions of their discussions."

May 11, 2007 - ComputerWorld Canada
IT executives get coached for success
"C-level executives are increasingly turning to business coaches to help them cope with various managerial duties. Even IT professionals are getting in on the action. Despite this trend, many are still unclear about what exactly a business coach is and why organizations would hire one in the first place."

August 5, 2005 - The Business Journal Phoenix
Business Leaders Choosing Coaching To Gain An Edge
"With at least 1,000 Arizonans calling themselves executive coaches, the craze is causing concern among industry veterans who insist newcomers should be certified and have at least a minimum level of business experience."

February 2005 - Workforce Management
Setting Standards For A Growing Field
"Associations of coaches are setting standards for their members.

2004 - The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations (IJCO)
Bending the Ethical Ear: A New Critical Need in Business Coaching
"There is a critical need for top corporate officials to have an external ethical sounding board. The reality is that many corporations can develop a culture that undermines integrity without even realizing it. The authors make the business case for a new business coaching niche: Ethical coaching or corporate integrity coaching."

2004 - choice, the magazine of professional coaching
Creating Communities and a Profession Through Your Association
"We are all part of many different communities. But moving from "passive" membership to active participation is a big step. Wendy Johnson of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC)looks at reasons coaches come together and what they can gain from community."

Winter 2004 - LifeCoach Magazine
Positioning Yourself As A Business Coach
"Take a look at who uses business coaches - business leaders, owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, directors, managers and emerging leaders. Anyone who has a business-related personal/professional objective and is ready to take action."

October 19, 2004 - CIO Update
Getting Your Game On
"For IT executives wanting to be at the top of their game, executive coaches can be a tremendous tool for enhancing job performance."

June 9, 2004 - Financial Post (Canada)
Coaches Prepare Managers For Battle
"Focus on helping clients figure out their real goals."

Fall 2003 - choice, the magazine of professional coaching
Business Coaching, Life Coaching... What's the Difference?
"Actually, there's quite a difference. Think of a parallel question: What's the difference between an English teacher and a science teacher? They both hold teaching degrees, they both work with students, and they both follow lesson plans. The difference is, they meet different needs.

Spring 2003 - Compass: A Magazine for Peer Assistance, Mentorship and Coaching
Creating Destiny: Six Coaching Experts Reveal the Future
"Even with their varied backgrounds, coaching leaders express remarkably similar views about the growth and development of their discipline."

Fall 2002 - American Express: Business Platinum Ventures
Get Out Of A Rut
"Companies, like people, can get the blues. Sometimes, the cause may be obvious: a downturn in the industry, stagnation at a certain sales level, or the loss of a key client. Other times, malaise may creep in for unknown reasons. A company suddenly loses its edge, some of the enthusiasm and excitement that has always defined it; employees don't seem as fired up as they once were. When small businesses hit a rut, getting back on track starts with the owner."


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