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Update on Our Journey to a
New Beginning
Keep up-to-date with WABC's strategic design for our next five years

In July 2017, WABC announced the beginning of its journey in developing and implementing a refreshed brand strategy and five-year strategic business plan. This journey was undertaken with three key objectives in mind:

  • To help WABC grow our membership of credible business coaches,
  • To allow WABC to provide greater and more valuable services to our members, and
  • To position WABC as the leading professional body for business coaching worldwide.
As part of this process, we want to share with you our progress and key milestones.

Where We Are Today
The project that we have embarked on in partnership with LEVEL5 Strategy Group consists of three phases:

PHASE 1: Market Assessment - An in-depth market and consumer research to further understand the current trends, challenges, and opportunities, which will inform the development of the new brand strategy. LEVEL5 has reviewed a range of sources and publications from around the world from industry reports and studies to business and management journals. In addition to an in-depth category and competitive assessment of the business coaching industry, we reached out to a select number of stakeholders - current members, potential members and subject-matter experts - to gain unique insights into the industry and consumers.

PHASE 2: Building the Brand - Leveraging key insights and findings from the market assessment to develop a powerful and differentiated brand strategy that will help bring to life WABC's competitive advantage within the market, and position WABC as THE leading professional body for business coaching worldwide.

PHASE 3: Strategic Planning - The market assessment and new brand strategy will provide direction to what WABC's strategic priorities for the next five-years. With that, LEVEL5 Strategy Group will help us develop an organizational roadmap built on our strategic priorities along with actionable initiatives to fulfill our goals. We are nearing completion Phase 1, the Market Assessment, and will be beginning Phase 2, Building the Brand, very soon! A special thank you to all of our current and potential members who participated in the interview process - your feedback and insights are invaluable to this piece of work.

The global research and fact-base building that LEVEL5 Strategy Group had undertaken as part of Phase 1 has uncovered critical insights that will be used to inform WABC's brand refresh initiative and strategic direction.

What We Have Learned
Industry Analysis:
The business coaching industry is growing dramatically. The demand for business coaching is not only for business coach practitioners, but also for training in business coaching skills for those in non-coaching positions. The industry remains young, but as it continues to grow, there is a strong need for a clear distinction between business coaching and all other forms of coaching to equip corporations with perspective on how to hire the right coaches and to enhance the credibility of business coaches in the market.

Competitive Analysis:
There are many types of organizations that support the business coaching industry, from professional bodies to educational institutions to HR and professional development organizations. Despite the industry being considered relatively young, it is becoming increasingly competitive. However, WABC is the only organization that focuses solely on business coaching today.

Stakeholder Survey and Interview Insights:
LEVEL5 Strategy Group uncovered key themes that will help WABC improve its member experience as well as better differentiate us in today's increasingly competitive market:
  1. Communicating WABC's Brand and Reputation - WABC upholds the highest standards of business coaching and brings together an elite group of business coaches. This message needs to be broadcasted to both the coach population, but more importantly, the general public. Members desire greater recognition in the market for WABC business coaches, helping them build credibility and trust amongst potential consumers.
  2. Positioning as the Thought Leader - In a relatively young industry, business coaches are looking for a thought leader to provide perspective, guidance, and best practices for their profession. With a strong positioning in business coaching already, WABC is already THE thought leader in driving the industry forward and its position needs to be further enhanced. WABC's position as a thought leader needs to include providing members with even more evidence-based research and publications from WABC on where the business coaching industry is today and how it will evolve tomorrow.
  3. Growing Membership Services - WABC works constantly to ensure members have a great experience with the organization; however, there is always room for improvement. Members want more events, gatherings, and webinars as well as the greater educational and professional development resources. The increased services will help members continually develop as business coaches as well as foster a greater sense of community within the organization.
These insights also represent opportunities for WABC to grow in the future and to provide a more wholesome experience to our members. Further, we see a growing need in the industry for a differentiated organization, such as WABC, to stand up and advocate for the business coaching industry. The current research and interviews conducted have drawn out compelling insights that will provide direction and areas of focus so that WABC can be successful and continue to deliver value for its member base for years to come.

Moving Forward
In the next month, LEVEL5 Strategy Group will be completing the remainder of its market assessment. This will include gaining a greater understanding of WABC's consumers as well as identifying potential opportunities for WABC to grow our membership, to provide greater value to our members, and to position ourselves as the most recognizable and credible association for business coaches.

In November 2017, WABC will be meeting with LEVEL5 Strategy Group to walkthrough the full market assessment and major findings, which will inform the direction for WABC's new brand strategy. We aim to come out of this two-day workshop with a compelling and differentiated brand strategy that will lead WABC and its members to continued success in the business coaching industry.

We are very excited about the insights that this journey has uncovered for WABC thus far, and look forward to what's to come! Stay tuned for our next update on our progress and key milestones.

We thank you again for sharing your time, thoughts, and continued support in our organization. Looking forward to continuing this journey together.

Looking forward,

Wendy Johnson
WABC President and Chief Executive Officer

More Background Information:
The Journey to a New Beginning Starts Today

About WABC
The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first global professional association to exclusively represent the business coaching industry. Since its inception in 1997, WABC has dedicated itself to raising the profile of business coaching—still an emerging profession—and to differentiating it from coaching in general. By engaging in disciplined self-regulatory activities to increase public trust in our industry worldwide, WABC has done more than any other organization to identify the tasks, qualities and skills of the business coach.

We've built our reputation as a leading global authority on business coaching by insisting on the best: the highest membership standards, the most rigorous evidence-based programs, the most advanced business coaching credentials. Our activities set the gold standard for business coaching and help decision-makers around the world when they screen, hire, train and evaluate business coaches. Our membership—now spanning over 40 countries and steadily growing—includes internal and external business coaches who work with entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, presidents and professionals from all industries in the public, private and non-profit sectors—from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

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