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The Journey to a New
Beginning Starts Today

Keep up-to-date with WABC's strategic design for our next five years

Last year, WABC announced a plan to develop the organization's next five-year strategic plan to ensure our continued success as the leading professional body for the business coaching industry worldwide. As a first step, we issued a survey to collect feedback from diverse stakeholders within our network, such as yourself, to understand current trends, opportunities and challenges within the business coaching industry and how WABC can continue to support our members and advance business coaching in today's increasingly high-paced, competitive world. The surveys were sent to members, accredited program providers, international advisors, the program accreditation team, advisory groups, strategic allies, as well as the core supportive team. We received an overwhelming number of responses, and are extremely appreciative for your time and feedback on how WABC can best serve our expanding and highly diverse membership today and into the future.

We Are Listening!
We have completed a thorough analysis of your survey responses and some key results were released last June. The survey responses unveiled a common theme: there is both a need and opportunity to change. Your valuable insights and ideas helped to re-affirm the strengths we hold, but also indicate certain shortfalls that we here at WABC need to address as part of our five-year strategic plan.

Why the Timing of Our Strategic Planning Initiative is Perfect
As part of our mission to engage in self-regulatory activities (including our development of rigorous standards) for the global business coaching industry towards a more credible and professional future, we have observed changing market conditions and increasing competition, particularly over recent years. With little to no regulation to govern our industry, the barriers to entry are exceptionally low, allowing just about anyone to market themselves as a "verified business coach." To support our community of valuable and trusted business coaches, WABC believes that it is not only important, but also our responsibility to represent you and the business coaching industry as a globally recognized, reputable and ethical professional body in the market. We are committed to enhancing business coaching self-regulations to propel the industry into a more credible and professional future.

To help WABC achieve its ambitious goals, we knew we needed to learn even more about the global marketplace to better understand how to position ourselves in the market moving forward. As such, WABC invested its time to seek out the right partner to help us do just that. We're excited to announce that we found that partner in LEVEL5 Strategy Group (, one of North America's leading strategic brand consultancies. David Kincaid, the founder and our strategic advisor, is the brains behind many iconic brands and among the most recognized and respected opinion leaders in the field of brand management in North America. David has had more than thirty-five years of experience working with companies and clients from around the world within different industries — from sports and entertainment to not-for-profits to professional services — to help them build inspired growth strategies that drive own able, competitive advantage. To recognize his achievement, David was inducted to American Marketing Hall of Legends in 2014. WABC is looking forward to working with LEVEL5 to develop a compelling and differentiated brand strategy and five-year strategic plan that will allow us to stay ahead of our competitors and achieve sustainable growth.

What does success look like over the next five years? We envision that the successful implementation of our refreshed brand strategy and five-year strategic business plan will help grow our membership of credible business coaches, allow WABC to provide greater and more valuable services, and position us as the leading professional body for business coaching worldwide.

The Process
The project that we are embarking on with LEVEL5 Strategy Group consists of the following three phases:

PHASE 1: Market Assessment — LEVEL5 will conduct in-depth market and consumer research to further understand the current trends, challenges, and opportunities, which will inform the development of the new brand strategy.

PHASE 2: Building the Brand — Leveraging key insights and findings from the market assessment, LEVEL5 will work together with WABC to develop a powerful and differentiated brand strategy that will help bring to life WABC's competitive advantage within the market.

PHASE 3: Strategic Planning — The market assessment and new brand strategy will provide direction to what WABC's strategic priorities for the next five-years. With that, LEVEL5 will help us develop an organizational roadmap built on our strategic priorities along with actionable initiatives to fulfill our goals.

We kicked-off the project in late June 2017 and are well on our way in conducting the market and consumer research.

Moving Forward
As we continue into the future, it is critical that WABC embraces a forward-thinking perspective while holding steadfast to the values we represent — ethics, integrity, and professionalism. In the next five years, we aim to strengthen the WABC brand name in the worldwide business coaching community and continue to support our members with the most relevant, high quality, and targeted business coaching support and services. We are deeply committed to identifying new ways to make ourselves better, especially in today's rapidly changing environment.

We are very excited for this journey and we want to bring along all our members with us! Throughout the process, we will be sharing regular updates on our progress and key milestones.

We thank you again for sharing your time, thoughts, and continued support in our organization. Looking forward to sharing our success story with you all.

Looking forward,

Wendy Johnson
WABC President and Chief Executive Officer

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About WABC
The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first global professional association to exclusively represent the business coaching industry. Since its inception in 1997, WABC has dedicated itself to raising the profile of business coaching—still an emerging profession—and to differentiating it from coaching in general. By engaging in disciplined self-regulatory activities to increase public trust in our industry worldwide, WABC has done more than any other organization to identify the tasks, qualities and skills of the business coach.

We've built our reputation as a leading global authority on business coaching by insisting on the best: the highest membership standards, the most rigorous evidence-based programs, the most advanced business coaching credentials. Our activities set the gold standard for business coaching and help decision-makers around the world when they screen, hire, train and evaluate business coaches. Our membership—now spanning over 40 countries and steadily growing—includes internal and external business coaches who work with entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, presidents and professionals from all industries in the public, private and non-profit sectors—from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Whether you are a business coach, trainer of business coaches, someone thinking about a career in business coaching or an organization wanting to hire a business coach or expert to help you build a coaching program or culture, WABC is your leading global resource. Visit us today at:

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