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Upcoming Event 
Global Leadership &
Coaching Forum 2017 —
"Guiding Leaders in a
Shifting Global Landscape"

Hong Kong - May 18, 2017

WABC - Upcoming Global Leadership & Coaching Forum in Hong Kong--May 18, 2017

In recent years, the global landscape has been undergoing major shifts, presenting senior leaders with new challenges.

As the coaching industry matures, executive coaches are required to step up their game to remain relevant and useful partners in guiding leaders through these seismic changes.

Organized by Progress-U, the Global Leadership & Coaching Forum is designed to bring latest thought leadership from across the globe to senior leaders and executive coaches. We are particularly proud to have lined up high-profile speakers and facilitators from 8 countries worldwide.

WABC is delighted to be co-sponsoring this upcoming event and has negotiated special rates for all current WABC members.


First, get your special pricing code which you will need at the time you register.
(This code is only available for current WABC Affiliate Members and WABC Full Members.)

Next, get full details including pricing and how to register
Have questions? Please contact Progress-U directly at

About WABC
The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first global professional association to exclusively represent the business coaching industry. Since its inception in 1997, WABC has dedicated itself to raising the profile of business coaching—still an emerging profession—and to differentiating it from coaching in general. By engaging in disciplined self-regulatory activities to increase public trust in our industry worldwide, WABC has done more than any other organization to identify the tasks, qualities and skills of the business coach.

We're proud of our reputation as a leading global authority on business coaching. We've built this reputation by insisting on the best: the highest membership standards, the most rigorous evidence-based programs, the most advanced business coaching credentials. WABC's activities set the gold standard for business coaching and help decision-makers around the world when they screen, hire, train and evaluate business coaches. Our membership—now spanning over 40 countries and steadily growing—includes internal and external business coaches who work with entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, presidents and professionals from all industries in the public, private and non-profit sectors—from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.
Whether you are a business coach, trainer of business coaches, someone thinking about a career in business coaching or an organization wanting to hire a business coach or expert to help you build a coaching program or culture, WABC is your leading global resource. Visit us today for more information:

About WABC's Programs
WABC programs are offered by a select few at any given time from our group of strategic alliances, accredited training providers, approved providers, international advisors, international representatives and other recognized experts. More programs on various topics and in different locations around the world will be announced as they become available.

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