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A pioneer in business coaching in Asia since 2002, Progress-U has developed professional coaches since 2005. Going through the challenging WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level) program has helped us create one of the most comprehensive and demanding professional coach training curriculums in Asia today. We chose to work with WABC because of its focus on business coaching. The continuous support of the adviser assigned to us was very helpful in giving us a deeper understanding of the requirements of WABC.

In 2011, Progress-U launched the Progress-U Institute of Innovative Corporate Coaching (PIICC) to focus its professional coach training activities and ensure the highest quality in delivering the WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level) Professional Corporate Coach Certification Program (PCCCP) in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

—Charlie Lang, PIICC Program Director

Progress-U Institute of Innovative Corporate Coaching, Hong Kong
Accredited December 5, 2011: Professional Corporate Coach Certification Program (PCCCP)


Over the past decade, the Excel Centre has trained hundreds of executives and businesspeople to coach for results. Our Certified Professional Coach Program is designed to help leaders develop other leaders in their organizations through effective coaching. We are pleased and honoured to be the first training provider in Hong Kong to earn the WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level) credential. WABC's accreditation process is very demanding and challenging, but it is also very fruitful. Going through the process has enriched both our training program and the standard of our teaching.

—Dr. Keith To
The Excel Centre, Hong Kong
Accredited June 21, 2010: Certified Professional Coach Program

At Nationwide Financial Services, we’ve long been committed to the value of coaching and feedback. But we realized that simply training our managers to coach wouldn’t create the kind of coaching culture we wanted to embed in our organization. To take our training program to the next level, we needed a framework to help us consistently apply our commitment to coaching and align our goals with a deeper understanding of professionalism. We needed a reputable organization to accredit our program so that we knew we met the highest possible standards, the highest external standards.

We chose WABC because of its focus on business coaching. What we discovered in the accreditation process was WABC’s passion for coaching and commitment to coaching excellence. The adviser assigned to us provided valuable individual feedback and made the whole process manageable. If your desire is to build a first-class coach training program, then WABC is the organization for you.

—Peggy Marshall, PhD, Director of Coaching Strategy

Nationwide Financial Services, United States
Accredited May 27, 2010: Nationwide Performance Coaching

At SCOA - The School of Coaching, we are proud to be the first Italian business coach training provider accredited by WABC. Going through the WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level) program was a challenging experience. It allowed us to focus on our strengths and areas for improvement, and on the distinctive principles and methodologies we bring to the teaching and learning process. We were also able to enrich our business coaching competency model by comparing it with WABC's.

SCOA is dedicated to supporting the coaching culture within the business community in order to spread the benefits of effective leadership, value added innovation and responsiveness to market dynamics. Our courses in executive coaching have enabled hundreds of managers and professionals to develop, through practice, the competencies they need to effectively coach corporate leaders. We are eager to invest our energies further and to sharpen our excellence, supported by WABC, whose professionalism we highly appreciated throughout this program.

—Gian Franco Goeta, President

SCOA - The School of Coaching SrL, Italy
Accredited May 27, 2010: Practice in Business Coaching

BusinessCoach Inc.’s training program cultivates business coaches who are able to create organizational alignments that achieve their desired goals. We teach participants how to facilitate the success of their clients or organizations through communication.

We are very proud to be the first WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level) training provider in Asia. Because our program meets WABC’s level of knowledge, standards and training, we know it has been measured against the best practices of business coaches worldwide. As well, our graduates now have an opportunity to gain WABC certification credentials. This combination means we can offer the best learning environment along with continuous improvement of ourselves. We look forward to meeting those of you who accept the challenge of changing yourselves as leaders who aim to guide your clients to the right results.

—Mr. Hosokawa, President
BCS Program, Japan
Accredited May 19, 2009: The School of Business Coaching - Practitioner Level Certificate
(Participated in our 2008 pilot)

Meyler Campbell

Meyler Campbell trains senior businesspeople to coach in demanding contexts. The Business Coach Programme is acknowledged for its business focus, depth of theoretical grounding, practical bent, tailored approach and results. Businesspeople, professionals and many of Europe's most successful freelance coaches train with us. Managing Director Anne Scoular and faculty members chose WABC for its same exclusive focus on business coaching and the rigor of its accreditation process.

We're thrilled to be the first in Europe to be awarded the prestigious distinction of WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level) after such a thorough process. We see this as a well-earned endorsement as well as an opportunity for reflection and learning.

Meyler Campbell

—Faculty of Meyler Campbell
Meyler Campbell, United Kingdom
Accredited August 1, 2008: The Business Coach Programme
(Participated in our 2008 pilot)

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