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WABC Accredited (Master Level)®

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SCOA – The School of Coaching is honored to be the first training provider in the world awarded the WABC Accredited (Master Level) designation for our Master in Business and Executive Coaching program. This achievement adds to our previous recognition as a recipient of the WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level) certification.

SCOA leads the way in Italy with a Master’s program that has helped hundreds of managers and HR professionals develop the competencies they need to become effective coaches of corporate leaders. Going through the rigorous WABC Accredited (Master Level) process has been a deeply challenging experience, one that has enabled us to reinforce our teaching competence and enrich our assessment methods. The accreditation process has also strengthened our motivation and made us eager to expand our program by making courses available to English-speaking clients throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

—Gian Franco Goeta, President

SCOA - The School of Coaching SrL, Italy
Accredited April 16, 2011: Master in Business and Executive Coaching

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