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WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC)

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As the first coach in Japan to receive the WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC) designation, I am proud to praise WABC for providing me with valuable insights like these:

  • To gain effective results, business coaches need not only theory but also strong skills. To help clients be successful, I will encourage them to practice continuously in working toward their goals. I believe that WABC, with its depth of experience in business coaching, will give me the support I need to lead clients to success.
  • Coaching works effectively where there is a sense of equality between a client and a coach. Knowing this helps me focus positively on the successful future of my clients and motivates me to develop and innovate professionally. From the warm welcome I received from President and CEO Wendy Johnson when I joined WABC, I know I can count on WABC for encouragement and support.

—Teruko Kachi, Japan

My WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC) designation is hugely important in validating my skills and experience, coming as it does from an association focused on business coaching, with a genuinely global reach.

As part of maintaining the designation, I recently completed my professional development record. This exercise prompted me to recognize and tell the story of my development over the last five years, as well as crystallize my future plans. The assessor's comments were insightful, supportive and challenging—no small achievement for online feedback. The whole process has helped me become even more mindful about my development as a coach. I count it as one of the most valuable aspects of my relationship with WABC so far.
—Claire Andrews, United Kingdom

When I completed my first formal coach training, I didn't worry about certification because the emerging profession didn't require it. Now times have changed. I am often asked which certification I hold for the executive and team coaching I do around the world. The WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC) designation fits my needs because it's directed specifically towards business coaching.

Also, I've found the re-certification process to be a pleasantly surprising development process in itself. In preparing my five-year professional development record, I had to reflect on and articulate the value of what I'm doing to develop myself and how that shows up as value for my clients.

Wendy Johnson and her associates always have time for thoughtful interchange. WABC is both personal and personable, which makes my affiliation joyful and valuable to my work.
—Anne Miller, United States

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