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WABC Round Tables
Launched in 2005 in Hong Kong, these round table meetings have proven extremely popular in the region. All meetings are offered in Cantonese to cater to local needs.
What Are They?
WABC Round Tables are high-powered, structured meetings led by an experienced and successful business leader, coach and facilitator. Designed to sharpen your coaching skills, develop your business and connect you with peers and business colleagues, meetings are based on participants' needs and will include discussions, coaching demonstrations, guided practice and feedback.

Meet Our Chair
We are delighted and honored to introduce Dr. Keith To, who leads the WABC Hong Kong Round Table. A highly experienced businessman, coach, trainer and facilitator, Dr. To brings to our Round Tables extensive senior management experience, having served with Xian Zong Lin International Ltd., Star Telecom Ltd., Apple Shop Ltd. and 7-Eleven. For well over a decade, Dr. To has delivered training and business coaching to hundreds of businesspeople and such renowned companies as Manulife, AXA, MTR and the China Chain Stores Association. Dr. To also runs a very successful coaching and training company in Hong Kong.

Reserve Your Seat Today!
Check our dates for public and members-only round tables in Hong Kong.

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