What the World Needs Now… (Part 4 of 4) by Wendy Johnson

Clearly the top two issues in business today are globalization and the rapid advancement of technology. In the first three articles of this series, in which I suggest that more than ever, what the world needs now is business coaching, I highlighted these issues and the impact they have had on the changing climate of business. In my last and final article on this subject, I am focusing on the impact of this changing climate on the future of business coaching.

The true opportunity in the future of business coaching is not what it does to make businesses more successful, but the influence it has on a "Bigger Life" picture. As business coaching becomes more prevalent in global organizations, coaches will challenge and support individuals within those organizations to stay true to their personal values, ethics, and morals. The opportunity then for a "Bigger Life," or a worldwide influence, begins to gain momentum as more and more individuals are inspired to act upon their guiding principles.

What does this mean for the future of business coaching? It means:

  • More focus on ethics - Global organizations are operating at a speed of change that exceeds the speed of regulation. This gap creates an environment of self-regulation that often challenges ethical and moral boundaries. In the second article, I highlighted "e-waste," or the disposal of hazardous technology by-products such as computers and mobile phones, as one of those challenges. While regulation in developed countries prohibits such disposal, similar laws have not yet been enacted in less developed countries. Therefore, the decision to dump hazardous materials at the risk of human life is left in the hands of organizational leaders. Business coaches in the future can expect clients to struggle with even more ethical and moral decisions.
  • More focus on spirituality - A recent Newsweek article cited spirituality as the fastest growing social movement in the world. Spiritual globalization has increased interest in non-traditional religious studies as well as emerging or "New Age" beliefs that are not related to any particular religious base. The quest is for the discovery of purpose. As people are finding themselves more globally connected, even in non-business settings such as the world relief efforts during the recent tsunami, they are beginning to ask themselves "Bigger Life" questions. Business coaches in the future can expect clients to seek spiritual exploration.
  • More focus on balance - Technology will continue to make virtual operations easier and more flexible. However, global business requires communication over a variety of time zones. Psychologists and family therapists cite wireless technology and being "constantly connected to the office" as leading causes of marriage and family distress. Business coaches in the future can expect clients to search for more personal and professional balance while operating in a 24/7 world.

Business coaching in the future will not only support individuals who will in turn build up their businesses, but also support individuals who will in turn build up the world...creating a "Bigger Life" and worldwide influence.



Wendy Johnson, MA, CEC, CMC is the full-time president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC). Johnson's vision is a business coach working with every business, organization and government. Learn more about WABC at http://www.wabccoaches.com. Wendy may be reached by email at presceo@wabccoaches.com.

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