What the World Needs Now… (Part 1 of 4) By Wendy Johnson

"What the world needs now...," a familiar line to a popular song written during the cultural unrest of the 1960s, was the theme of my 2005 President's message. To me, I believe, what the world needs now is ... business coaching. Yes, a bit less poetic than "... love sweet love." But read on...

Like the American and European cultural unrest of the '60s, there are signs of a global social movement that is permeating worldwide. However, unlike the '60s, the primary driver is not political ideologies. Today's driver is business.

Globalization and world consumerism has created a force within business that is greater than any one government since the Roman Empire. Worldwide businesses such as General Electric, Nike and Toyota have offices on virtually every continent, employing a workforce and servicing customers in every nation in the world. Universal corporate taglines such as "Just Do It" have become reproduced slogans in multiple languages, and symbols such as the Golden Arches illuminate every major metropolitan skyline.

Imagine a government with such expansive presence, or a religion with such unrestrained exposure.

While social movements of the past have been driven primarily by political and religious ideologies, business is gaining power and influence in the socialization of a worldwide culture. Understanding the importance of this movement will help us to understand the pressures that this creates not only on organizational leadership but also on individual accountability. In future issues, I will explore the evolving power of business to influence society and culture, and address the role that business coaching will play in businesses as they grow in their global influence.

Unlike consulting or therapy, business coaching provides a holistic opportunity for organizations and individuals to integrate their personal and professional values. Business coaching brings forward integrity and accountability. Taking our lessons from closed systems such as Enron, Worldcom, and Tyco, business coaches have the opportunity to impact a much larger landscape than their individual clients alone. Business coaches will impact global business and, in turn, the world.


Wendy Johnson, MA, CEC, CMC is the full-time president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC). Johnson's vision is a business coach working with every business, organization and government. Learn more about WABC at http://www.wabccoaches.com. She may be reached by email, at: presceo@wabccoaches.com.

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