From Average to Awesome! by Ken Ingram

Posted by Ken Ingram

I just received my monthly Toastmaster Magazine and it was a great reminder of many key issues that are affecting all of us both personally and professionally. Many of us read articles or books and find them of interest but how many of us actually put the new knowledge into practice. This is why coaching and training is so effective because it allows our clients the opportunity to learn and practice the new knowledge and skills.

We know from studies that it takes 60 to 90 days to change specific ATTITUDES, SKILLS and HABITS

Attitudes, skills and habits represent at least 85% of a person's ability to be successful., so this is why I often talk to my clients about You Inc. because so much of their success depends on what they do with their key talents and abilities. As coaches, this applies to us as well. In some cases it is natural talent that we are seeking to enhance and in other cases it is a skill or talent we wish to develop.

In the book You, Inc. by Burke Hedges, he talks about finding the CEO within and the 10 simple principals, to dramatically increase your fair market value. As a coach, would increasing your fair market value and that of your business enable you to succeed in creating winning conditions for both, your business and for your customers? In today’s business environment it is not so much what you are doing, but what you are not doing that in the end can have the greatest impact on your business.

Where would some of the top professional athletes be if they did not constantly challenge themselves? Professional athletes recognize the need to have someone in their corner pushing them to do the things most people feel is impossible. To Quote Bob Gainey former GM of the Canadian hockey cub Montreal Canada. We all want the team to get better, so the individuals have to get better. You can go and get other players or you can get the players you have to play better”.  As Mr. Gainey points out, we need to use our talents and abilities more effectively in order to get the results that will grow the business and make us more competitive than the competition. We can all learn much from the sports world, but learning without putting the new knowledge into practice is of little use.

As coaches, we should all have a coach because simply telling or suggesting to our clients that they would benefit from having a coach may be ignored if we as coaches are not putting into practice what we hold to be true. The bottom-line is everyone needs a coach because it is so easy to blame our circumstances on events or issues we consider outside of our control.

John Miller the author of the QBQ (The Question Behind the Question) would say personal accountability begins with you and in many cases ends with you as well. So that being said, to increase my value, I will now re-read my Toastmaster Magazine and then with the help of my coach set some goals to put some of the new ideas into practice. I will share this new knowledge with my clients with the goal of helping them to increase their value.

This is how you will go from an Average Coach to an Awesome Coach.

“I discovered at an early age that I missed the shots I did not take” - Wayne Gretzky.

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