Partnerships: The Key to Your Exponential Growth, by Denise Trifiletti

Are you juggling all the balls in your family and business life? Are you struggling to keep all of the aspects of your business operating smoothly, while at the same time meeting the needs of your family and others who rely on you? How can you find time for yourself, focus on what you enjoy, and live the life you love? You do this by establishing a powerful partnership with yourself.

In previous articles, I defined Power Partnerships as relationships in which two or more people or organizations come together to accomplish 'all-win' outcomes. Power Partners achieve greater results together than they could individually. And their results can be personal, professional, or both.

There are several types of partnerships:

  • Partnership with yourself – for balance and to live a life you love;
  • Partnership with your network – for referrals and solutions to your business needs;
  • Partnership with your clients – for increased satisfaction, referrals, add-on business; and
  • Partnership with your prospects – for increased sales and revenues.

With whom should you partner?  In business, partner with those who can help you achieve your goals. Review your goals, and take an inventory of what you need to achieve them. If you need more sales or an expanded market reach, find those who can provide you with quality and consistent referrals, those who can open doors to your target market, those who are influential in your field, and those who can increase your reach and exposure.

Most often, people focus on partnerships with others. But none of these can substitute for a partnership with yourself. A 'Partnership with Yourself' means that you live a life of balance, and have time to do all that is important to you.

As an example, imagine the start of your day. Do you rise, go through a series of rote steps, such as brushing your teeth, bathing, dressing, having breakfast—without thinking about the day ahead? Do you robotically get into your car, head down the same road as every other day, and arrive at work (or your appointment or networking meeting) without being conscious of having gotten there? Do you slip into your work routine and find the day half over when you get this uncomfortable feeling you have been here before and you still have accomplished nothing of personal value?

Now, imagine a different start to your day. You come awake, turn off the alarm, and just lie quietly for a few moments. You reflect on the day ahead, and why it is important to you. You think about not just what you have to do, but why it is important. You consciously consider your values, your mission, and your vision for yourself. As you rise and go through your morning routines, you continue to reflect on all of your roles and goals, relative to your vision and mission. In Partnership with Yourself, you are guided by your personal and professional values and vision.

While having coffee or eating breakfast, you start to sort the duties of the day. First, you identify those things that have the greatest value to you as a person, because they align with who you are, what you believe, and where your passions lie. You feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm about getting to them first. You focus on the right things, those activities that match your roles and goals; those that fit with your plan, and which provide you with balance, personally and professionally. In Partnership with Yourself, you establish priorities that are balanced and meaningful.

You look at your activities logically and intellectually, and evaluate their ROI. You are at peace with yourself because you are focused on what is most important and effective: those activities that provide the greatest ROI. Then, you check your efficiency and ensure you are both 'doing things right' and doing the right things. In Partnership with Yourself, you evaluate whether you can delegate or outsource tasks to preserve your time and focus.

You begin to feel a real sense of internal harmony. You have developed a partnership with yourself. You have identified your vision, top roles, goals, and priorities, and you have a balanced plan. People will notice. Your colleagues will see a difference. You are more in control, have more peace of mind, less stress, greater focus and balance.

Have you noticed this trait in truly effective leaders? Have you seen how they calmly and effectively get things done? Have you sensed that they know the right things to do? Have you noticed they are rarely caught up in minutia? Have you ever wondered why this is so? They have their vision, roles, goals, and priorities in place, allowing for a high level of balance and internal harmony. Perhaps it is because they are in 'Partnership with Self.'

This article first appeared in Business Coaching Worldwide (Winter Issue 2006, Volume 2, Issue 4). Copyright © 2012 WABC Coaches Inc. All rights reserved.

Denise Trifiletti, a business coach and an accomplished leader in the fields of sales and training, is the co-founder of Dynamic Destiny Partnerships, LLC and the founder of  Women's Community, LLC. She is the author of  Create the Business Breakthrough You Want: Secrets and Strategies of the World's Greatest Mentors (Mission Publishing, 2004). Denise can be reached by email at denise@womenscommunity.com.

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