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The past two decades have seen an explosion in coaching. There are more coaches, types of coaching, training programs and coaching associations than the earliest practitioners could have ever envisioned.

That sort of runaway growth can be exciting, but it can also be confusing. That’s why the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) became the first professional association devoted exclusively to business coaching. We’ve always known that business coaching is a distinct field that requires specialized know-how and specialized representation.

Over time, WABC’s member services, high standards, professional credentials and business coaching expertise have earned us a reputation as the leading international association in our field. They’ve won accolades from members, clients and academic bodies, and they’ve led some of the world’s most influential business coaches through our door.

WABC is for business coaches

We are the association of choice for hundreds of top internal and external business coaches. Here’s a sampling of what we offer:

  • Strict membership standards based on experience and client references
  • A suite of certified credentials, including the only chartered-level designation in the industry
  • The first post-graduate degree (master’s) in business coaching, plus training, webinars and other special events
  • International marketing and networking opportunities

WABC is for trainers of business coaches

We offer the only international accreditation specifically for trainers of business coaches. WABC Accredited is a rigorous designation for programs that are credible, reliable and relevant to the industry. Some features:

  • Independent evaluation by senior assessors
  • Accreditation at two post-graduate levels: Practitioner and Master
  • Graduates of accredited programs can apply for WABC credentials
  • Detailed feedback from assessors can enrich trainers’ programs

WABC is for organizations that have, or want, an internal coaching program

We represent internal as well as external business coaches, and we understand the needs of internal coaches and their organizations. Examples of what we offer:

  • Accreditation for organizations with internal coaching programs
  • A body of knowledge about business coaching, including a set of competencies
  • Guidance and resources for organizations that want to develop internal coaches

WABC is for clients of business coaches

Business coaching is an essential service that targets the strategic business needs of its users. Some of our resources for clients:

  • Information on business coaching, choosing a coach, what to expect
  • Resources for finding credible business coaches
  • Code of ethics, which lays the groundwork for client-coach relationships

For more on WABC, please visit our website: www.wabccoaches.com.


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