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Feature Article 
Mindshifting to Mindful Coaching: Managing Your Attention So You Can Think, Focus, and Lead by Joshua Ehrlich

Joshua Ehrlich demonstrates how changing how you think—"Mindshifting"—and learning the ancient technique of mindfulness can make all the difference in how you coach and help your coachees to lead.

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Success Stories
Hands-On Coaching for Excellence in One of Mexico's Fastest Growing Enterprises by Irene (Quiti) Vera

How can a well-established business keep up with breakneck growth and new technology without abandoning its traditional focus on the individual or having its workers become overwhelmed?

Quit Selling and Start Coaching by Tim Ursiny

Being a leader requires an unusual ability to inspire and connect with people. In this article you will learn how one man became a top recruiter in his firm and won a coveted promotion by mastering a coaching approach when interacting with others.

Get the Edge
Overworked and Overwhelmed by Tom Heinselman

Leaders typically report that they feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do with an ever-shrinking amount of time and resources. Explore how to better manage the perceptions, realities, and social dynamics involved in overcommitment.

Hot Topic 
Don't Leave Them Standing in an Empty Room by Trudy Triner

Management typically fails to involve staff in problem solving.Trudy Triner explains why this is a recipe for failure and demonstrates how leaders can effectively involve and engage staff in finding solutions.

Social Media Mania 
Connecting to the Invisible - Social Networks Are About What You "Can't See" by Dean R. DeLisle

It's the "unseen" dimensions of social networks that make them so invaluable to coaches!

LinkedIn Online Business Development Coaching Series

Join us for a 4-part group coaching series that will guide you to increase your coaching practice with LinkedIn. Registration is limited to ensure professional review of all student profiles. Experience how thousands of coaches are increasing their business with this new platform.

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Coaching Great Leaders by Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith explores the astounding paradoxical catch that can block us from happiness and meaning at every turn: inertia.

On the Sunny Side by Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron

Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron explains the critical need for contracts between coach and client to establish the parameters of the relationship and clarify communication, expectations, and results.

Based on the Evidence by Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis

Along with professional experience and practice, research is a key component of attaining mastery as a coach. Find out why "problem finding" is so important if you strive to become a Master Coach!

Moving Swiftly with Focus & Flexibility by Holly G. Green

What's the most important task for today's business leaders? The answer might surprise you. Learn why creating a good strategy is no longer enough, and what great leaders do to stay focused on their most important job.

Global Leader Development by Jeremy Solomons

Can effective leaders in one region/country duplicate their success on a worldwide level? In this final installment of his three-part series, Jeremy Solomons outlines what’s needed for the new "global competence."

Unwilling Bedfellows by Fiona Eldridge and Dr. Sabine Dembkowski

Extending their earlier analysis of challenges posed by the intersection of the private and public sectors, Fiona Eldridge and Dr. Sabine Dembkowski here explore the importance of collaboration at this juncture—and how coaching can help both individuals and organizations.

Foundation for International Leadership Coaching

Times of extraordinary challenge call for strong, effective, and innovative leadership. Yet, government and international non-governmental organization leaders find sophisticated leadership coaching not accessible.

With its network of senior leadership coaches, who donate their services, the non-profit Foundation for International Leadership Coaching is addressing this need.

To apply as a coach, to be coached, or for more information visit:

Business Book Summaries
Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility by Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon

Contending that "innovation cannot exist without imagination,'' this powerful book describes how to shift your thinking from "What is" to "What if" and tap into your inner creative resouces to free your potential as an innovative leader.


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