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All Good Things Do Come to an End

By Sarah McArthur

It's been a wonderful experience being the editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. And though it's now time for me to move on, I am very grateful for the time I've had working with Wendy Johnson, Jon Peters, Kathlyn Hyatt Stewart, and all of the extraordinary writers and business coaches who have contributed their time and works over the past few years. I really must just say a hearty "Thank you!" to everyone I have come in contact with through BCW. And, I know that the next person who rotates into the position of BCW editor can look forward to an amazing ride! Now on to this issue.

Our feature by Beverly Crowell and Beverly Kaye, "Coaching for Engagement and Retention," explores how to reduce the risk and empower leaders in any organization. Dean R. DeLisle contributes not just an interesting Success Story this issue, but he also graces us with another informative Social Media Mania column. Krissi Barr illustrates her PAR model in the Get the Edge article, "Are You Plugged?", and in their Hot Topic article, "Benchmarks Are Dangerous," Howard Morgan and Cathy Swody explore whether or not we really want to know how we compare against the competition.

In "Midnight Express" Dr. Laurence S. Lyons' Ask the Expert column, the author bids us a fond farewell as Dr. Fink will take a slight hiatus from BCW to eat more jelly donuts. Marshall Goldsmith explores "The Building Blocks of Mojo" - and gives us some clues on how we might find meaning and happiness in his column, Coaching Great Leaders.

With a focus on "Achieving Your Desired Outocomes," Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron explores the psychology behind adult behavior, goals, and motivation, as she continues her On the Sunny Side column. Holly G. Green takes a look at which rules to keep and which rules to toss in her Moving Swiftly with Focus & Flexibility article, "Are You a Rule Fool?"

With the second part of the three-part series Global Leader Development, Jeremy Solomons continues to put the focus on what leaders can do to be effective on a global level. In her Based on the Evidence article, "What Is Neuroleadership?", Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis explores the discipline of neuroscience and how it relates to coaching. And, finally, Dr. Sabine Dembkowski and Fiona Eldridge give us part two of Unwilling Bedfellows, "Learning to Be ONE: The 7 Challenges of Working in a Public-Private Setting.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Business Coaching Worldwide. And, again, thank you for reading!

Sarah McArthur is editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. Founder of *sdedit, Sarah has nearly two decades of experience in publishing as a development and managing editor and writer. With numerous books and articles to her credit, she has become an expert in the fields of management, leadership, executive coaching and human resources. Her most recent book is The AMA Handbook of Leadership, co-edited with Marshall Goldsmith and John Baldoni. Contact Sarah.


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