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Poll Results from our October 2009 Issue
Do you have a strong grasp on social media and online marketing?

Top 10 LinkedIN Techniques To Get New Business Coaching Clients

Just released for 2010
Learn how to prospect effectively, fill events, and secure qualified appointments.Learn the secrets of the successful Business Coaches who generate "lifetime business" using LinkedIN.

Feature Article 
Shanghai Motors: A Case Study in GeoleadershipTM by Dr. E. S. Wibbeke and Dr. Cynthia Loubier-Ricca

This case study of Shanghai Motors focuses on the business concept of GeoleadershipTM in action. The approach is to apply a model developed from original research conducted with culture experts to a real-world case study demonstrating how national culture influences business leadership decision making.

Success Story
Real Estate Leadership:  Coaching for Growth Amidst a Changing Market by Freddie Ray

Real estate leaders have faced an unprecedented downturn amidst the recent economic turmoil. Tipper Williams, Regional Director of Virginia for Keller Williams Realty, has faced this challenge head on. Working with Executive and Leadership Coach Freddie Ray, she has executed a plan to hire talent, lead teams to profitability, and hone leadership skills to gain market position in uncertain times.

Get the Edge
A New Twist on an Old Concept: Return on Crisis (ROC) by Omar Khan and Maggie van de Griend

How do we find the opportunity in the crisis? In their article, Omar Khan and Maggie van de Griend reveal how to lead in order to get the best possible return on crisis (ROC).

Hot Topic 
Sustainability—The Impossible Dream by Jeffrey L. Balash

Jeffrey L. Balash states the reasons why businesses have a life cycle and how to extend a business's life cycle.

Social Media Mania 
How to Use Online Social Networks to Grow Your Coaching Practice by Dean R. DeLisle

Dean R. DeLisle gives us a first lesson in how to use Online Social Networks to acquire business in a brand new way.

The AMA Handbook of Leadership

An extraordinary collection of essays on leadership from among the world's greatest thought leaders.

*sdedit | AMACOM | Sarah McArthur


#1 executive coach Marshall Goldsmith shares the ways in which to get—and keep—mojo to build a successful business and/or career.

MarshallGoldsmithLibrary | MOJOtheBook | Amazon | Marshall Goldsmith

Foundation for International Leadership Coaching

Times of extraordinary challenge call for strong, effective, and innovative leadership. Yet, government and international non-governmental organization leaders find sophisticated leadership coaching not accessible.

With its network of senior leadership coaches, who donate their services, the non-profit Foundation for International Leadership Coaching is addressing this need.

To apply as a coach, to be coached, or for more information visit:


Coaching Great Leaders by Marshall Goldsmith

After a tough couple of years, many of us have lost our Mojo. Marshall Goldsmith helps us reclaim it with vigor!

On the Sunny Side by Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron

What do we know about coaching-if it works, how well it works, and when it works best? Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron explores these questions in her latest article.

Based on the Evidence by Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis

Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis describes the get-together of nearly 30 coaching practitioners eager to engage in practitioner research-and the amazing benefits to the entire coaching community!

Moving Swiftly with Focus & Flexibility by Holly G. Green

Imagination can be a wonderful thing. But in the business world, making stuff up that has little to no basis in reality can wreak havoc with the strategic planning process. Learn how to identify common MSUs (making stuff up) so you can help your clients minimize their impact on their organization.

Global Leader Development by Jeremy Solomons

Can effective leaders in one region/country duplicate their success on a worldwide level? Jeremy Solomons explores possible answers to this question.

Unwilling Bedfellows by Dr. Sabine Dembkowski and Fiona Eldridge

Dr. Sabine Dembkowski and Fiona Eldridge explore a great challenge: What happens when the private sector meets the public sector?

Ask The Expert by Dr. Laurence S. Lyons

We are certain you will enjoy this little tale about an Undertaker, a Board, and a Doctor named Fink.

Business Book Summaries 
The New Age of Innovation by C.K. Prahalad and M.S. Krishnan

In The New Age of Innovation, authors C.K. Prahalad and M.S. Krishnan focus on the nature of innovation in the 21st century. They believe that the changing dynamic of markets, driven by connectivity, technology, industry convergence, and consumer activism and involvement, has created a need for continuous change.

In Our Next Issue

Dean R. DeLisle discusses transformational leadership and the business of adapting to a new online social world. Beverly Crowell and Beverly Kaye explore how business coaches can help managers deal with issues of retention and engagement.

From the Editor

With a new decade just beginning, many of us are now rolling up our sleeves to take on the "New Normal." Complete article.

Letters to the Editor

Business Coaching Worldwide continues to evolve. Help us direct its growth by writing us a letter and telling us what you think! Complete article.

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