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Psychopaths and Narcissists

I appreciated this article ["'Psycopath' or 'Narcissist': The Coach's Dilemma"]. I'm an educational psychologist with a clinical training, and post Masters diploma. I've recently taken on a client who has very strong narcissitic tendencies, and my clinical assessment is that he wouldn't stay in therapy. I proposed that the best route of action for him would be that we facilitate a space in which he can learn to better understand how his behavior impacts others, and in that way he could learn to better deal with his emotions. (His request was that he learn to deal with emotions. He, of course, came at a crisis point in his life, not able to cope that well anymore.) This is rather "new" territory for me, as I have up to now declined to work with narcissists, unless they came into my practice as part of a couple...of which most marriages of course have failed. I very much appreciated this article as it affirms my newfound hope of, "Well, perhaps if I tackle it like coaching/psych-educational sessions, it could contribute something of value." I can't afford a formal coaching training at this point, but aim to in the future. I would like to know of future articles such as this from the organization.

Allison Cassidy

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