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Business Coaching for Leadership

By Sarah McArthur

Leading people has never been an easy job. And, leaders today are faced with the very difficult job of forging a path into unknown territories of global proportion. Business coaching may be the best way to help leaders grapple with the unfamiliar and its effects on their stakeholders, strategies, organizations, competitors, customers, and even themselves.

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Our October feature, "Senior Leadership Transitions: What Makes Them Work and What Causes Them to Fail?" by Patricial Wheeler, PhD, reveals what coaches can do to help senior leaders succeed in new roles. In the Success Story, Sherry Greenleaf shares how her client transitioned from a corporate environment to owning and running her own business. Get the Edge contributor Dr. Albert A. Vicere reveals how an organization can be headed for disaster if its declared purpose is out of synch with its operating environment. In her Hot Topic article, Marilyn McLeod gives us tips to benefit from social media and online marketing.

Regular columnist Dr. Laurence S. Lyons shares a lesson in what business coaches can do during an economic downturn through the hilarious tale of "Fink in Recession." In her article, "Start with the End in Mind," Holly G. Green helps us get clear on what is critical to success today. Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis explains the necessity of scrupulous referencing of others' work to build the business coaching profession in her article, "Whose Shoulders Do You Stand Upon?" John Baldoni's article, "Leadership Development Now," discusses investment in leadership and it's correlating benefit, success! Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron continues her investigation of coaching models in her article, "Working with Coaching Models: The U-Process." Finally, Marshall Goldsmith provides suggestions on providing positive recognition in his article, "Praise Is Good!"

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Sarah McArthur is editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. Founder of *sdedit, Sarah has nearly 20 years experience in the publishing field as a development and managing editor and writer. With numerous books and articles to her credit, she has become an expert in the fields of management, leadership, executive coaching and human resources. Contact Sarah.

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