There Is No Better Time Than Now to Invest in the Future!

By Sarah McArthur

Given the global economic shakeup, it may seem impossible right now to invest in those things that support a new future, especially given the difficult circumstances that many of us are working under. Look ahead! Be ready for the time when the economy turns around. You can do this by promoting a business coaching Success Story, sponsoring an ad, or writing an article for Business Coaching Worldwide. Even writing a letter will make a difference. The audience for your piece is in the tens of thousands from more than 90 countries around the world!

In this mid-year issue, you'll find a fascinating feature about balancing power with responsibility by Dr. Bruce Lloyd. Read about Michael J. Horner's experiences as a business coach in the Soviet Union, and learn from John Baldoni when it is a good time for personal disclosure and when it is not. Holly Green shares some of the most important questions you can ask yourself to drive success, and Devon Scheef and Diane Thielfoldt help us see out of a career rut.

Marshall Goldsmith explains the concept of FeedForward, while Dr. Sunny Stout-Rostron explores the Nested-Levels coaching model. Read about a great success even in a down economy in this issue's Success Story by Michael Schutzler, and finally Dr. Annette Fillery Travis delves into the importance of gratitude in research.

Thank you for reading this issue!

Sarah McArthur is editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. Founder of *sdedit, Sarah has nearly 20 years experience in the publishing field as a development and managing editor and writer. With numerous books and articles to her credit, she has become an expert in the fields of management, leadership, executive coaching and human resources. Contact Sarah.

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