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Conversation Among Masters (CAM)
Do You Belong at "Conversation Among Masters"? Are you a Master-Level, Experienced, Successful Coach? What the heck is "Conversation Among Masters" anyway?

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Top executive educator Marshall Goldsmith offers practical advice on succession from the outgoing executive's point of view in his new book, Succession: Are You Ready? (Harvard Business Press, February 2009)

Forget Your Weaknesses by Adrian Furnham
Bravo! An excellent article that I agree with whole heartedly!
Pam Stellema

This article is spot-on. It is practically my mantra. Focusing on the things you enjoy and are good at makes everything else fall into place and flow a lot easier. I think everyone can agree that focusing on your weaknesses in an unproductive way will only lead to misery and failure. Everyone is good at something (if not many things)and allowing that to lead you improves quality of life.
Holly Zynda

The Point of Coaching Circles ™ by Charles Brassard
Bravo!!! Très intelligent comme technique de coaching!
Marie-Ève Brassard

Cultural Intelligence: The Key to Global Leadership by Nerella Campigotto
This is an excellent article. Having been involved in many different activities across the communication spectrum over the past 35 years, I recognize the wisdom of Nerella's observations and advice. And it's well written! Thank you for making this article available to me.
Carol J. Sutton Cert. ConRes

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