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Top executive educator Marshall Goldsmith offers practical advice on succession from the outgoing executive's point of view in his new book, Succession: Are You Ready? (Harvard Business Press, February 2009)

The Future Holds Growth and Promise

By Sarah McArthur

Businesses and business coaches alike are entering unchartered territory globally. We have no choice but to forge ahead, following those whom we trust to lead us. As the Business Coaching Worldwide editor, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to readers to gather the most helpful, useful information I can find. My hope is that what you read in the pages of this eZine will help you navigate through these difficult times.

In this issue's feature, "Just Enough Anxiety," Robert Rosen explains how to turn anxiety into a powerful and practical tool. In his Get the Edge article, "Coaching for Results," Dave Ulrich explains two leadership coaching approaches. We have two Hot Topics this issue. In the first, Gopal "GD" Shrikanth explores challenges and opportunities for executive coaches in India. In the second, David Noer discusses guidelines for coaching in troubled times.

As always, Dr. Fink (aka Dr. Laurence S. Lyons) imparts a fascinating lesson for those in the workplace in his Ask the Expert column, and in his column, Coaching Great Leaders, Marshall Goldsmith gives us a little taste of his newest book, Succession: Are You Ready? In her column, Coaching Models for Business Success, Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron explores "Working with Coaching Models," and in Leadership Presence, a new column by John Baldoni, we learn about presenting as a leader. In her column, Based on the Evidence, Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis describes the exchange of ideas, and we introduce another new column, Thriving in Tough Times, by Holly G. Green. Finally, in her Success Story, Linda J. Lord explores coaching as both a process and a relationship.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Business Coaching Worldwide. If there is a subject you are interested in reading about, please send Letters to the Editor. We'd love to hear from you!

Sarah McArthur is editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. Founder of *sdedit, Sarah has nearly 20 years experience in the publishing field as a development and managing editor and writer. With numerous books and articles to her credit, she has become an expert in the fields of management, leadership, executive coaching and human resources. Contact Sarah.

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