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Is the economic crisis affecting your coaching business?


Poll Results from our October 2008 Issue
Are you being called upon to help your clients navigate the current credit crunch?

Conversation Among Masters
Do You Belong at "Conversation Among Masters"? Are you a Master-Level, Experienced, Successful Coach? What the heck is "Conversation Among Masters" anyway?

Feature Article
Just Enough Anxiety: A Powerful and Practical Tool for Executive Coaches by Robert Rosen

Robert Rosen takes a look at our outdated perceptions of anxiety and explains how executive coaches can help great leaders embrace change and empower them to lead in a time of increasing uncertainty.

Succession: Are You Ready?
Top executive educator Marshall Goldsmith offers practical advice on succession from the outgoing executive's point of view in his new book, Succession: Are You Ready? (Harvard Business Press, February 2009)

Success Story
Coaching Contributes to the Development of a New Profession by Linda J. Lord

Coaching is both a process and a relationship. When the client and coach fully engage, there is the potential to revolutionize a profession. Read how one Canadian coach serves as a catalyst for change utilizing self-reflection and individual growth.

Get the Edge
Coaching for Results: Behavior Change or Strategy Realization? by Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich explores two alternatives for leadership coaching: a behavioral approach and a strategic results approach.

Hot Topic
Coaching in the Land of Gurus and Soothsayers by Gopal "GD" Shrikanth

For global coaches, explore challenges and opportunities for executive coaching in India; plus for organizations and clients discover global and local options for executive coaching in India.

Hot Topic
Plain and Simple: Powerful Guidelines for Coaching in Troubled Times by David Noer

Business coaches are operating in an environment of unprecedented downsizing and organizational turmoil. This article offers four powerful guidelines to make coaching relevant in these troubled times. These guidelines will be helpful to all business coaches wanting to make a difference.

Coaching Great Leaders by Marshall Goldsmith

Why do otherwise objective leaders have so much difficulty evaluating their potential successors? CEO succession guru Marshall Goldsmith tells us why.

Ask the Expert by Dr. Laurence S. Lyons

Dr. Fink teaches us the painful lesson of living and working "in a crazy place where success gets penalized and failure rewarded."

Coaching Models for Business Success by Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron

Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron explores a range of coaching models: circular models, nested-levels models, four-quadrant models and U-process models. She explains how to develop a structured approach to your coaching conversation, helping you contract with the client, structure the entire coaching journey and guide your coaching conversation.

Based on the Evidence by Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis

Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis describes the exchange of ideas at recent coaching events and the resulting resources that are of benefit to all in the coaching field.

Thriving in Tough Times by Holly G. Green

In today's tough times, it's hard to remember that we really are in control of what we pay attention to. Holly Green explores how we can stay focused on the factors that will ultimately determine success even in the toughest of times.

Leading with Presence by John Baldoni

Presenting effectively can be a huge challenge for many of us. John Baldoni explains a few simple techniques leaders can use to connect to their audiences.

Business Book Summaries
The Five Literacies of Global Leadership: What Authentic Leaders Know and You Need to Find Out by Richard Hame

The pace of life has accelerated at an amazing rate over the last few centuries. Rapid technological advancement has completely changed the way businesses operate. Global borders have blurred and geography has little meaning. In this dynamic environment, the ways in which organizations approach leadership must also change.

In Our Next Issue

Devon Scheef and Diane Thielfoldt of The Learning Cafe share their extensive knowledge about the four-generation workplace. Plus, learn about executive transitions from Patricia Wheeler.

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From the Editor
2009 is bound to be a year of growth and change. Business Coaching Worldwide is no exception. Complete article.

Letters to the Editor

Business Coaching Worldwide is growing by leaps and bounds. Help us direct its growth. Write us a letter and tell us what you think! Complete article.


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