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WABC Accredited®
The mark of distinction for business coach training providers™
WABC Accredited is the first international designation for business coach training providers. To become WABC Accredited, a training program has to undergo rigorous independent assessment and regular re-evaluation.

WABC Accredited training programs have been thoroughly evaluated by independent, professional assessors. Every program operates at or above the high international standards required for the WABC Accredited designation. Visit our WABC Accredited Program Listing to learn more about WABC Accredited.

WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level)
These programs focus on practitioner coaches, who practice in one organization or provide defined services to a narrow clientele. Practitioner Level is the first level of WABC accreditation and is roughly equivalent to a post-graduate certificate in business coaching.  

Academia Interamericana de Coaching, A.C.Academia Interamericana de Coaching, A.C.
International Coaching Certification
Accredited May 15, 2008

WABC Accredited (Master Level)
These programs focus on master coaches, who provide broad services at all levels to a range of organizations. Master Level is the advanced level of WABC accreditation and is roughly equivalent to a master’s degree in business coaching.

Worldwide Association of Business CoachesWorldwide Association of Business Coaches
WABC Certified Master Business Coach® (CMBC®)
Accredited October 24, 2007
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Middlesex UniversityMiddlesex University
Master of Arts in Professional Development (Business Coaching)
Accredited October 24, 2007
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Other WABC Programs

WABC Registered Corporate Coach (RCC)
The Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) designation is typically for those who are newer to business coaching. It is held by hundreds of professionals around the world who have sought to rapidly learn and integrate principles, skills and techniques so they can coach effectively in businesses and organizations. Programs are offered throughout the year by RCC Instructors in various locations. Registered Corporate Coaches are trained in both internal and external coaching. As internal coaches they work with executives and managers, both individually and in groups, to strengthen the organization’s corporate culture. As external coaches they work with business professionals at all levels to achieve personal and professional success.
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