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Feature Article
Coaching the C-Suite in Times of Crises by Professor Errol P. Mendes

An area which has not been given much attention is how to coach C-suite executives in times of crises. This article lays out a moral and ethical framework for such coaching assistance using actual case studies in which C-suite executives took different paths with vastly different results.

Global Convention on Coaching (GCC)
July 2007 - July 2008
Standardizing and professionalizing the business coaching industry—it's our ongoing goal at WABC. Now it's a focus of one of the most ambitious international coaching forums ever, the Global Convention on Coaching. WABC is a key participant. Learn what the GCC is and how you can participate.


Success Story
Coaching's Impact on Leadership Competencies at the City of Vancouver by Carollyne Conlinn

A review of the six-month executive coaching pilot with emerging leaders at the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The evaluation study monitored leadership competencies before and after coaching with the pilot group and a control group. Results indicated improvement over peers in all categories for leaders who were coached.

Get the Edge
The Coaching Frontier for Business Coaching by Robin Linnecar

There is no professional body representing executive business coaching. As executive coaching goes global, what is involved in professionalizing the field appears to be coach selection, global standards, supervision of quality and new coaching relationships in a "faster-faster" world.

Hot Topics
The Five Stages of Change for Small Business Owners by Susan L. Reid

Individuals considering whether they are ready to become small business owners need no longer be left with the question of "if." Instead, they can easily find a clear answer to where they are along the change continuum. As a result, they themselves become powerful and effective agents for change.

Coaching Great Leaders by Marshall Goldsmith

Great leaders demonstrate integrity, but how?

Coaching Models for Business Success by Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron

Clients often ask their business coaches: What happens when our contract ends? How can they sustain change that positively impacts their own and others' performance? Dr. Sunny Stout Rostron considers four major components of the coaching conversation: building the relationship, learning from experience, understanding the role of others in the system and developing emotional competence (EQ).

Professional Selling by Barry Trailer

Barry Trailer discusses another challenge to selling professional services: maintaining an ongoing sales initiative.

Based on the Evidence by Dr. Annette Fillery-Travis

In an emerging profession with developing literature, it is quite possible that your area of practice has not come under a researcher's scrutiny. You may consider doing the research yourself. What makes practitioner research different and how does it relate to conventional research? 

A Global Workplace by Nerella Campigotto

Both our communication style and our ethics are defined by our culture. How can we deal with the numerous challenges that the global workplace brings us in this regard?

Ask the Expert by Dr. Laurence S. Lyons

Confidential information isn't necessarily secret. In a business context risk reduction is paramount, which means getting information to people who need it. Sometimes a coach has to do that which can be done only by a coach.

Business Book Summaries
A Rock and a Hard Place: How to Make Ethical Business Decisions When the Choices Are Tough by Kent Hodgson

Author Kent Hodgson explores how decisions flowing from both business and moral values can produce more effective, responsible and defensible resolutions to most dilemmas.

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