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Education & Training

WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC)
The WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC) is a rigorous world-class designation for master-level business coaches. The CMBC is no all-purpose coaching or consulting credential. It's a unique designation that tells the world your experience and training are specific to business coaching and meet the highest standards for master-level practice. The CMBC rewards learning and experience and offers intensive professional development. It tells the world you are a master in your field. The CMBC designation can also lead to a fully accredited master's degree, the Master of Arts in Professional Development (Business Coaching) program.
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Master of Arts in Professional Development (Business Coaching)
Take your knowledge to the next level with our fully accredited master's degree for experienced business coaches. The Master of Arts in Professional Development (Business Coaching) is offered in collaboration with the Professional Development Foundation (PDF) and Middlesex University, both in the UK. This fully accredited MA degree is open to anyone who holds WABC's Chartered Business Coach (ChBC) or WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC) designation. The ChBC automatically provides half the credit required for the degree. CMBC holders are required to undertake a conversion module to achieve the same award of credit. The remainder of the credit for both ChBC and CMBC candidates comes from completion of work-based research. Candidates design their own program, select their research area and complete a work-based project of their choosing.
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WABC Registered Corporate Coach (RCC)
The Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) designation is typically for those who are newer to business coaching. It is held by hundreds of professionals around the world who have sought to rapidly learn and integrate principles, skills and techniques so they can coach effectively in businesses and organizations. Programs are offered throughout the year by RCC Instructors in various locations. Registered Corporate Coaches are trained in both internal and external coaching. As internal coaches they work with executives and managers, both individually and in groups, to strengthen the organization’s corporate culture. As external coaches they work with business professionals at all levels to achieve personal and professional success.
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