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Feature Article
Coaching in a Family Business by Jean Claude Noel
This article aims to develop awareness about the potential impact and unique challenges of coaching in family business environments. Such coaching shares common principles with other forms of coaching; however, it includes elements distinctly characteristic to family businesses, many of which will be addressed here.
Global Convention on Coaching (GCC)
July 2007 - July 2008
Standardizing and professionalizing the business coaching industry—it's our ongoing goal at WABC. Now it's a focus of one of the most ambitious international coaching forums ever, the Global Convention on Coaching. WABC is a key participant. Learn what the GCC is and how you can participate.


Success Story
Sustaining Rapid Growth and Ensuring Future Success: Why the Ohio March of Dimes Engaged an Executive Coach by Todd A. Uterstaedt

The State Director for the Ohio March of Dimes had just turned the chapter around and didn't seem like a 'typical' candidate for executive coaching. But a desire to move into an executive role while taking the organization to the next level led him to partner with Todd A. Uterstaedt.

Get the Edge
'Psychopath' or 'Narcissist': The Coach's Dilemma by Paul Babiak

Coaches sometimes wonder whether their client is truly a high potential with a bit too much narcissism, or perhaps someone who has psychopathic tendencies. This article explores some of the similarities and differences that a coach should consider as he or she moves forward with the coaching relationship.

Hot Topics
Tips for Marketing Coaching Services to Small Business Owners by Lynda C. Hess

Do you know people who have started their own small business and are struggling to turn a profit? Chances are they need coaching. This article provides tips for marketing business coaching to them.

A Global Workplace by Nerella Campigotto

How can we prepare for the challenges presented by our increasingly intercultural business environment? There are three key questions we should address to help us become more culturally aware.
Ask the Expert by Dr. Xavier Fink (as told to Laurence S. Lyons)
In his unique way, coach's coach Dr. Xavier Fink provides Laurence S. Lyons with an answer to the question, "How should I translate the results of 360-degree feedback into a behavioral development plan?"
Coaching Models for Business Success by Sunny Stout Rostron
Is behavior change truly sustainable as a result of coaching? How can we measure the effectiveness of the coaching intervention? Sunny Stout Rostron explores the need for further, definitive research, and discusses what the criteria are if behavior change as a result of coaching is to be sustainable.
Based on the Evidence by Annette Fillery-Travis
As the coaching profession expands, the number of studies and research papers about this field grows. But, how do we know what research is ‘good’ and what isn’t? How do we know what research should influence our practice and our advice to clients?
Professional Selling by Barry Trailer
What's wrong with saying you're selling? Barry Trailer delves into the preconceived notions that make many of us uncomfortable with the term 'selling.'
Coaching Great Leaders by Marshall Goldsmith
Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith learns about follow-up.

Business Book Summaries
Practical Intelligence. The Art and Science of Common Sense by Karl Albrecht

Author Karl Albrecht explores Practical Intelligence—the mental ability to cope with the challenges and opportunities of life.

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