WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC)
Looking for a senior professional designation that distinguishes legitimate business coaches from those who coach in non-business contexts or who do not have world-class credentials? Then look no further. The WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC) designation gives experienced business coaches credit for experiential learning gained from past work and training. CMBC identifies you as a master in our emerging profession. This groundbreaking program is now in the pilot stage. We are gathering feedback from our initial candidates and will make adjustments as needed to ensure that the program meets our rigorous international standards. We expect the CMBC designation to be available by summer/fall 2007. Coming Soon--More Details!

WABC Registered Corporate Coach (RCC)
WABC offers the Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) designation. This designation is typically sought by those who are newer to business coaching. The program has been attended by hundreds of professionals from around the world seeking to rapidly learn and integrate practical principles, skills and techniques so they can effectively coach in businesses and organizations. Programs are offered throughout the year by RCC Instructors in various locations. Register Today!

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