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Business Coaching Worldwide is an online publication currently available three times a year.

Publisher: WABC Coaches Inc.
ISSN: 1913-7761
Editor: Donna Mills
Researchers: Kim Benz, Les Brown, and Sasmita Maurya
Contact Information:
BCW Editor
Phone: +1.250.656.8732
Fax: +1.250.656.8752
Address: WABC Coaches Inc. Box 215 Saanichton, BC V8M 2C3 Canada

Three Coaching Traps: The Unique Challenges of Coaching the Alpha Male
by Kate Lanz 

Alpha males often combine strong external confidence and task execution skills with poor emotional intelligence. Dealing with this shortfall is where business coaching can make a real difference in the alpha's performance. Kate Lanz shares some key insights gained from her work with this challenging client group.

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Coaching Great Leaders
by Marshall Goldsmith

Coaches don't need to make massive changes in the corporate compensation plan to help executives change. Just start 'fining' them a few bucks for unwanted behavior—and watch what happens!

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The ROI of Business Coaching Revisited
by Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland

The way we think impacts the way we operate. This concept is nothing new to coaches. However, in this column, Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland asks us to consider whether the way we think best supports our businesses and our clients. How does our learning style impact the ROI of our business coaching services?

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Assessment Corner
by Roberta Hill

Some coaches fear using an assessment because they aren't sure what to do if a client challenges the results. Don't panic—view this as a boon instead of a show stopper!

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The Etiquette Leader Outclasses the Competition: A Tale of Successful Transformation
by Kelly-Lee Mansi

When Louise Fox engaged Executive Coach Kelly-Lee Mansi, her goal was to overcome entrepreneurial overwhelm. Louise received more than she bargained for. In less than a year, Louise not only generated financial returns that far exceeded her expectations—her coaching experience led to a complete, foundational, and dramatically successful business transformation.<

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You're a Great Business Coach? It's Not Enough!
by Suzi Pomerantz

Being a great business coach is not enough. Being a great leader is not enough. Being a good person is not enough. To make a difference in organizations, whether those organizations are global monoliths or sole proprietorships, we must know how to fully integrate networking, marketing and sales.

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Five Keys to Successful Business Coaching in India
by Kim Benz and Sasmita Maurya

How do you open the doors to business coaching in a promising market with a dynamic economy? The five key factors described in this article can provide you with some insightful tools for navigating the complex maze that is business in India.

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The Productive Narcissist
The Promise and Peril of Visionary Leadership
By Michael Maccoby

The Productive Narcissist does not fall in line with much of the current business literature about great leaders, which equates successful leadership with emotional intelligence, empathy, listening skills, and consensus building. What these theories lack, Maccoby believes, is an understanding of personality type and the central role it plays in defining the leader.

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Coming In Our Next Issue!

Feature: Nerella Campigotto, a consultant in the field of international business development, will present some helpful insights on how to reach clients around the world by globalizing your website.

Hot Topics: Karen Switzer-Howse, environmental biologist and executive coach, will reveal how to successfully coach clients in a highly specialized niche—leadership development in the scientific community.


As some of you may already know, this issue of Business Coaching Worldwide will be the last for which I will be acting as Editor, and my feelings are mixed as I 'pass the reins' to incoming editor Sarah McArthur.

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... That in the wake of the debate around global warming, 'green' companies are gaining more prominence worldwide?

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