by Donna Mills

As some of you may already know, this issue of Business Coaching Worldwide will be the last for which I will be acting as Editor, and my feelings are mixed as I 'pass the reins' to incoming editor Sarah McArthur. An experienced professional, Sarah is eager to take BCW in some exciting new directions. I'm hoping that the challenge and the privilege of this position will inspire the degree of personal and professional growth in her that they have in me.

During this transition, I've been considering the role that courage plays in the course of our lives. In his CD presentation, Midlife and the Great Unknown, poet David Whyte describes courage as "the ability to cultivate a relationship with the unknown; to create a form of friendship with what lies around the corner over the horizon—with those things that have not yet fully come into being."

As I leave BCW, I realize that saying goodbye to a known quantity and hello to those new life experiences are processes that are challenging my courage. How much easier it is to avoid something new when the outcome is in question! How many dreams gather dust due to fear of exposure to the risk of criticism, or even the risk of downright rejection?

It strikes me that coaches and clients are both courageous. Change can be intimidating. Regardless of previous successes or failures, neither coach nor client can be 100 percent prepared for the possible outcomes, so we are continually cultivating relationships with the unknown. As we step into new situations and accept new challenges, let's rest in the assurance that we are exhibiting the courage to take strides in the direction of our moral imperatives, embracing ethical standards along the way. With integrity at the forefront of the charge, our faith in best possible outcomes can courageously follow.

And along with courage, we need encouragement—the support of others who can believe in us when we are too shaky to believe in ourselves. As business coaches, we experience this phenomenon all the time—holding the space for our clients until they are able to awaken to and have confidence in their own capabilities. As I step out into some uncharted territory to pursue my artistic and coaching goals in a more public way, I want to thank every contributor with whom I have worked—individuals who courageously and graciously accepted the tasks of rewriting, reviewing edited copy, and subjecting their creative projects to the constraints and constrictions of the editorial process. I will miss you!

Donna Mills, BA, CFCC, is editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. As the owner of Creative Clarity, Donna helps her clients to discover their authentic purposes, define goals that are aligned with those purposes, and design and implement strategies for their achievement. Read more about Donna in the WABC Coach Directory. Donna may be reached by email at


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