Challenge—Food For Growth!
by Donna Mills

Working with and learning from our first-class array of global citizens has always been the most fulfilling and interesting part of my position as Editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. In 2006, we covered issues ranging from a coaching program for Dutch penal institutions to the emergence of business coaching in South Africa. We examined coaching models, leadership strategies, multitasking and spiritual intelligence.

As BCW enters its third year of publication, the need for a global perspective and rigorous discussion of issues pertinent to the emerging profession of business coaching becomes ever more evident. Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland raises some significant, thought-provoking questions in her column this month. While those questions specifically address the measurement of the value or ROI of business coaching, she also highlights the broader issue of clearly understanding what constitutes true business coaching, separate and distinct from training or consulting.

Another issue to consider is differentiating between business coaching and life coaching. While a coaching relationship may start out as a practical, objective approach to handling business challenges, it is impossible to separate the client as leader from the client as human being—and this is the point at which life coaching enters into the business coaching relationship. It seems to me that as business coaches, we are not only measuring the benefits to the organization; we are supporting the personal growth of individuals.

In a world that wants to address big issues and solve major problems on a massive scale, the 'one person at a time' approach may seem like emptying the ocean with a bucket. But building integrity and leadership skills (and we are all leaders in one venue or another), one person at a time, has the ripple effect of a pebble in a pond. You never know how far your reach will extend. And I hope that the solutions provided and issues discussed in BCW will create some widespread, intersecting ripples.

I believe that our future—as individuals, organizations, and societies—depends on it.

Donna Mills, BA, CFCC, is editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. As the owner of Creative Clarity, Donna helps her clients to discover their authentic purposes, define goals that are aligned with those purposes, and design and implement strategies for their achievement. Read more about Donna in the WABC Coach Directory. Donna may be reached by email at


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