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Business Coaching Worldwide is an online quarterly publication.

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Researchers: Kim Benz, Les Brown, and Sasmita Maurya
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Business Coaching in Mainland China and Hong Kong
by Keith To 

China has enjoyed tremendous economic growth over the past decade, and that growth is expected to continue well into the 21st century. How is our emerging profession of business coaching contributing to this expanding economy? Keith To shares an overview.

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The ROI of Business Coaching Revisited
by Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland

What are the many ROI models in the marketplace really testing? Do they apply to coaching? Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland questions whether training-based ROI models are valid tools either for measuring the value of coaching or for marketing the benefits of coaching services. WABC member Barry Goldberg also contributes his insights.

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Building Business Through Partnerships
by Denise Trifiletti

The key to effective, sustainable partnerships is ensuring that everyone involved contributes, and that everyone gains something of value from the partnership. Positive partnerships benefit all aspects of life, at all levels. In this article, Denise Trifiletti discusses partnership with self—the foundation for every other successful personal and professional partnership.

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Assessment Corner
by Roberta Hill

Why use assessments? Roberta Hill provides ten reasons. She also presents five counter argumentsillustrating once again that when it comes to the topic of assessments, there is no one 'right' answer.

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From Parallel Function to Collaboration: The Impact of Business Coaching on Chase Manhattan Bank
by Jim Oher

Chase Manhattan Bank's Rick Jones faced a major challenge in developing a new business segmentthat of forging a professional partnership with another Chase business unit. As prior stand-alones, the two units had differing goals and objectives. Executive coach Jim Oher's facilitation of a riveting offsite unified and mobilized team members around a compelling common vision.

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Coaching Across Cultures
by Francia Baez

As internal or external business coaches, serving our clients well requires us to be aware of and sensitive to cultural differences. In this article, Francia Baez focuses on coaching Latinos. She offers suggestions to assist coaches and managers in enhancing the coaching relationship and facilitating its effectiveness.

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Multitasking (Part 2 of 3):
The Mechanics of Multitasking
by H. Les Brown, BCW Regular Contributor

'Multitasking' is actually rapid, serial, alternating task switching. 'Unloading' and 'reloading' task-related information and procedural rules take time. Frequent task switching increases our personal 'overhead cost,' as well as our probability of error. This article discusses several factors that affect the efficiency and effectiveness of task switching.

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The Art of Connecting
How to Overcome Differences, Build Rapport, and Communicate Effectively with Anyone
By Claire Raines, Lara Ewing

In every kind of business and in every industry, workplaces are becoming more diverse, which has important and challenging implications for communication and for relationship building. In The Art of Connecting, Authors Claire Raines and Lara Ewing offer five core principles based on their Titanium Rule—do unto others according to their druthers—for overcoming differences and connecting on the basis of our similarities rather than our apparent differences.

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Columnists: Marshall Goldsmith has vast experience coaching highly successful leaders. As a new columnist for Business Coaching Worldwide in 2007, Marshall will be drawing on this rich history, developing columns that describe the changing face of leadership. Learn more about Marshall in the WABC Coach Directory.


Everything meaningful in life and in business is based on personal relationships. When cultures collide, even gently, there is a real risk of painful or frustrating misunderstandings.

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Do you coach or manage individuals whose cultural backgrounds differ significantly from your own?



Do you use a specific ROI model with your clients to evaluate the benefits of business coaching?


... Companies increasingly rely on contingent or temporary workers to increase flexibility and decrease labor costs?

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