What Happens in a Typical Business Coaching Session?

During a typical business coaching session, the business coach and the client engage in a continuous progression of conversations, observations and practice.

Conversations evolve around the business coach's exploration of the client's current issues. The coach challenges any entrenched thought patterns or assumptions which serve to reinforce the status quo, since such entrenched patterns hinder or block the client's ability to achieve new goals and objectives.

Observations include noting inconsistencies between the client's stated goals and objectives and his or her counterproductive actions. Insightful, high-performance feedback facilitates the client's increased awareness of his or her operational style and discovery of the most effective ways to produce desired change. The client also needs to provide feedback to the business coach in order to ensure that the coaching relationship is consistently serving the client's ability to meet objectives.

Practice includes a variety of action-oriented business coach interventions or client activities or assignments designed to assist the client in achieving enhanced business performance. These may include coach-client role plays, assignments to be carried out between sessions (e.g., reading, researching, journaling, self-care initiatives), client attempts to deal with a conflicted work relationship, etc.

A specific coaching session may or may not include all of these phases, depending on the current stage of the business coaching program and the nature of the issues being addressed. In terms of time, appropriate session length is determined by the nature of the client's goals and objectives, time pressures on the part of the client, and budget considerations. Individual business coaching sessions are typically 30 to 90 minutes in length.

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