Battling Information Overload
by Donna Mills

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by a seemingly inexhaustible supply of virtual information? More than at any other time in history, the quantity of data to which we have access is mind-boggling. As our electronic mailboxes reach gigabyte proportions, it can be incredibly challenging to pinpoint the information that is most relevant or helpful to us. It is our goal at Business Coaching Worldwide to cut through the clutter and deliver that relevant, helpful content in a straightforward fashion, absent the advertisements and product offerings that often permeate no-fee publications.

This issue of Business Coaching Worldwide focuses on practical business strategies that are universal in application, regardless of the size or scope of the enterprise involved. To assist with the problem of "information overload," we are introducing a recurring feature--a professional review of a current, cutting-edge business book. WABC's new alliance with Business Book ReviewTM provides a valuable timesaving option to WABC members. Business Book ReviewTM culls through the volumes available and selects only the top one percent to present to their subscribers. Each issue of BCW will contain a review of an up-to-the-minute selection.

As we move forward in 2006, I sincerely seek the feedback of our membership in determining content for Business Coaching Worldwide. Please take advantage of the opportunity to submit an article for consideration for publication, or forward a "Letter to the Editor" to let us know what you'd like to see in your eZine. Our goal is to become the eZine that you don't want to miss, despite an inbox bursting with other options. Without your input, our ability to meet that goal and create the type of publication you crave is limited. So please let us know--my first priority in my new position as Editor of Business Coaching Worldwide is to address those subjects that are of paramount interest to our readers.

Finally, I want to thank Wendy Johnson for her warm welcome to the WABC community, and extend my heartfelt respect and thanks to Sara Hurd. As her successor, I can only marvel at the generosity of spirit and exceptional organizational skills she has displayed in effecting a smooth transition in editorial responsibilities. Sara has left some big shoes to fill. I'm hoping my feet will grow to accommodate them over the remainder of 2006!

Donna Mills, BA, CFCC, is editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. As the owner of Creative Clarity, Donna helps her clients to discover their authentic purposes, define goals that are aligned with those purposes, and design and implement strategies for their achievement. Read more about Donna in the WABC Coach Directory. Donna may be reached by email at


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