"I appreciate that WABC brings the business perspective to coaching. I see a clear contrast with the more general 'life coaching' that seems to be more prevalent. However, I would appreciate it if WABC would take a broader look at defining business coaching than just corporate coaching. Most of your articles are focused on helping large organizations with CEOs, senior executives, HR groups, etc.
"Please consider more articles focused on small business coaching. I coach small business owners, people with organizations of five to 50 employees. While some of the corporate topics can be reworded and applied, the use of corporate-speak, globalization topics, specialized departments, and so forth can be difficult to relate to. Also, because many issues come back full circle to the owner in a small organization, topics like personal disciplines, simple financial controls, direct organization issues, and people relationships 101 are usually more relevant for the leader of a small business."

Lynda Conrady Hess,
Alpha Business Coaching

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