What I've Learned From Our Inaugural Year
by Sara Hurd

As we celebrate the close of our inaugural year, we have a great opportunity to reflect and evaluate our lessons learned. Business Coaching Worldwide strives to be a leading-edge online publication that delivers solid, practical and relevant business coaching content to our readers. Through the coming years, we will continue to evolve as we continue to learn from you. The questions I posed in my very first "From the Editor" are still paramount: "What concerns our readers the most?" and "What would they most like to know?"

Lessons From the Past and Visions for the Future

While we are beginning to learn some of the answers to those questions, we still have room for improvement. Reflecting back on the past year, we have learned that in order to clarify our direction and focus, we must:

  • Continue to define ourselves as a publication. It will be critical for us to continue to refine a clear, shared vision and communicate that vision to our readership. Solicitation and receipt of feedback from our readers is vital to the accomplishment of that goal.
  • Continue to implement a team approach to finding relevant, leading-edge content. We will continue to seek editorial team members, as well as WABC members and readers at large, to assist us. We have enlisted the aid of the WABC Ambassador Advisory Group, whose members keep in direct contact with WABC members. We hope to learn what they're hearing from many of you about your challenges, your goals, and your interests. In addition, we will be drawing from leaders in business and in business coaching, many of them members of the WABC, who have expertise and practical experience that our readers can use.
  • Position ourselves as leaders in addressing what is happening in business and in business coaching. Although it's difficult to predict the future of our ever-evolving, ever-morphing profession, I see some of the following issues impacting the future of business coaching. Many of these topics we've begun to address in our publication.
    1. Business coaching will no longer be primarily a solo profession. Independent coaches will seek connection, collaboration and cooperation with other coaches and other professionals, complementing each others' skills and services.
    2. Businesses will continue to demand clear return on investment data to validate their investment in business coaching. Business coaching must step up and develop clear data to illustrate what we already know anecdotally--that coaching, skillfully delivered, has a huge impact on businesses, their leaders, and their employees.
    3. Business coaching clients will expect coaches to help them understand and prioritize the huge volume of information they encounter. We will continue to see an increase in the quantity of available information, and we will rely on those who can help us wade through it, find the most relevant, and decide how to apply it. There will continue to be a demand for individuals--including business coaches--who can garner the necessary data and then share what they have learned.
    4. Businesses will increase their focus on spirituality, meaning and purpose, and the ethics of the way their actions impact the world. Many business leaders will seriously reflect on their roles as visionaries, change agents, and moral compasses, and align their behaviors with their principles.
    5. Business coaching will be an oasis for many business leaders. Within the coaching partnership, leaders will have the opportunity to speak confidentially and openly with a neutral party about their most pressing issues, allowing them to achieve clarity of thinking, clarity of focus and clarity of purpose.

Our Transition as a Publication

We are also going through a transition here at Business Coaching Worldwide. As the editor during our first year, I had wonderful opportunities to collaborate with some leading thinkers in business and business coaching. My perspective shifted as I constantly sought topics that might be relevant to our readers. And now, I have the opportunity to pass the reins to a new editor, Donna Mills.

As I look forward to the coming year, let me tell you what I'm personally looking forward to. Diapers, cute pink baby clothes and more diapers! Last month, we welcomed a new baby girl to our family. My perspective will shift yet again as I transition from being a mother of one to being a mother of two wonderful little daughters. Although I will still be running my coaching business part-time, I'm moving away from many of my other commitments, including my position as Editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. I will stay on in an advisory capacity, but merely to ensure that the transition is smooth and that our new editor feels completely comfortable in her role.

Donna brings a wealth of experience and a real enthusiasm to her new role as Editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. I've known Donna for several years, and as I was looking for my replacement and thought of her, I was struck with how well her skills fit the position. It's my pleasure to introduce her:

Donna Mills, BA, CFCC is a certified Franklin Covey coach and a Legacy Learning Coach Training Graduate. She has over 20 years of management and administration experience at a Fortune 200 company. Donna's purpose is to enhance the human experience through communication--written, verbal, and visual. To that end, she edits several newsletters and e-zines, provides copywriting and editing services for individual and corporate clients, and is also a fine artist, specializing in portraiture.

As the owner of Creative Clarity, Donna focuses on helping her coaching clients to discover their passions, define their goals based on those passions, and design and implement strategies for their accomplishment. Read more about Donna in the WABC Coach Directory. Donna may be reached by email at BCW Editor.

Please join me in warmly welcoming our new editor as I say farewell, or more appropriately, "I'll be seeing you." To echo my sentiment at the beginning of the year, the future of business coaching and Business Coaching Worldwide looks bright!

Sara Hurd, BS, CFCC, is editor of Business Coaching Worldwide. She coaches small business owners through her company Keyway Strategies LLC, and since 1998 has been a coach and coach trainer for Franklin Covey Coaching, Legacy Learning and Professional Education Institute. Read more about Sara in the WABC Coach Directory. Sara may be reached by email at


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