How Does Business Coaching Work?

The coaching partnership that you and your business coach develop will be customized to your needs and the needs of your business. However, the typical stages for a business coaching program may look like these:

  • Contracting: The client organization, coachee, and business coach clearly define processes, roles, responsibilities and expectations. A Business Coaching Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement are often written up and signed by all parties.
  • Information Gathering and Debriefing: Business and organizational information, as well as personal assessment information, may be gathered and reviewed by the business coach. The coach may use existing information, direct observation, interviews, and/or assessments to get a complete picture of the client organization and coachee.
  • Feedback: The coachee receives feedback from the business coach relative to the information that has been gathered. This feedback may be given at any time during the coaching engagement.
  • Planning and Active Coaching: The business coach and coachee plan and execute their coaching sessions, developing goals and action plans and working towards them.
  • Reassessment Coaching: At a frequency specified by the contract, current status and progress is compared with the baseline information that was gathered at the beginning. The business coach and client can use that feedback and information to evaluate, refine and enhance the coaching program. If specified in the contract, a brief evaluation of the coaching reassessment may be shared with the client organization and key stakeholders.
  • Final Evaluation Coaching: As the business coaching contract comes to a close, a final evaluation is made of the results and return on investment of the coaching engagement. Formalized feedback is made to the client organization and key stakeholders.
  • Follow-On Coaching: The business coach and client determine the client's next steps, either within a continued coaching partnership or on his or her own.

These stages can enable a business coach, client organization and coachee to create mutually beneficial and rewarding coaching outcomes.

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