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That one not-so-obvious, but very costly effect of business globalization and technological advances is piracy? Theft through illegal reproduction of copyrighted materials, books, audio, video, software, brand-name clothing, even pharmaceuticals, is estimated to cost the worlds businesses billions of dollars annually. 

The software industry alone estimates that 35% of the worlds software is pirated, costing the world software industry $33 billion in revenue in the year 2004. The United States Department of Justice has estimated that piracy and copyright infringement cost U.S. businesses $19 billion annually worldwide. And in Pakistan, one of the worlds top piracy countries, about 230 million replica CDs and DVDs are made annually, and over 13 million pirated discs are exported every month. Annually, copyright holders lose about $2.7 billion annually to pirates in Pakistan.

Although many business losses due to piracy and copyright infringement are never recovered, the good news is that national governments and lawmakers seem to be cracking down. Collaboration among the worlds governments and businesses is increasing.


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