"Great publication!! I found several things that are useful to me in the pertinent and informative articles. Kudos to everyone that put this together!"

Brenda Bluemke,
Brenda Bluemke & Associates

"I just read your first issue from top to bottom and I absolutely loved it! The articles were really helpful and relevant to my needs in my business coaching practice. The interview with Kaoru Hosokawa was outstanding.

"I do have one request. As you go forward, I would appreciate it if you would maintain a strong commitment to content for business coaches who focus on small to medium enterprises. With as much as ninety percent of job growth in the US coming from SMEs, there is an unfathomable opportunity to work with small business owners in a coaching capacity. I simply feel that letting you know my interests early gives me the opportunity to help shape this valuable resource.

"Keep up the great work. I can't wait for the next issue."

Ellen Dorian,
Dorian Business Coaching

"When you read Roberta's article, you will find out, surprise, surprise, that she hates feedback. So, since I can't give her feedback on the article, I thought I would let the rest of you know that it is a terrific article, pure Roberta and of course, wonderfully written. I thought someone should get the feedback."

Lynn Schaber,
Potential Within

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