How Can I Find a "Credible" Business Coach?

The first thing someone should know before searching for a Business Coach is, "What are my expectations?" You'll then want to find several business coaches to interview so that you can match your expectations to a credible coach who can help you.

To find business coaches to interview, talk to friends and acquaintances that have worked with coaches, or check with other business professionals you know and trust. Check the WABC Coach Directory for coaches in your area or who specialize in your specific needs. Make sure you have a group of six or more to choose from. 

As you interview potential coaches, ask about the following:

  • What is the process of coaching? How many times will you meet together?
  • What kind of training has the coach undergone?
  • Does the coach belong to a coaching professional organization?
  • What is the history of the company?
  • Will the coach provide references?
  • What can you expect of the coach? What does the coach expect of you?
  • Is the coach versatile in work/life balance?
  • What kind of services in between sessions does the coach provide?
  • What kind of business contacts does the coach have?
  • How can the coach help you and your organization?

Knowing what you want will make the process progress smoothly. Talk openly when expressing your objectives to the potential coaches. Your credible coach will be the one that most closely matches all of your objectives.

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