Introducing Our Editorial Team
By Sara Hurd

Normally you'd see just one person represented in this section, but that wouldn't capture the teamwork that it takes to put together a publication like this, especially the Premier Issue. It's been a challenge putting together content that will serve not only the business coaches that our publication will reach, but our clients and business leaders worldwide. The biggest questions on my mind as an editor have been: "What concerns our readers the most?" "What would they most like to know?"

And finding the answer to those questions has been a team effort. I'll take the opportunity in this Premier Issue to introduce the team of volunteers that have assisted in every way they could to make Business Coaching Worldwide a quality publication. They each bring needed expertise and experience to the table, and it's through their work that we can deliver the content that you expect.

R. Scott Ward, Researcher

R. Scott Ward, BIS, RCC is an adjunct professor in George Mason University's School of Management. He will complete his MBA there in May of 2005. Scott is the Founder and Principal Coach of Leading Solutions, Inc., a Business and Executive Coaching firm. Scott has over twenty years of experience in operations management. He has managed technical and administrative teams, produced detailed technical analysis, and refined work organization. Scott spent seven years working as co-owner, Corporate Officer, and Director of Operations of an engineering firm headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

Thanks to Scott, we have gained a good understanding of what the members of the WABC and other readers are looking for from Business Coaching Worldwide. We have done many formal and informal surveys over the past few years, and Scott has compiled that information in order to give us some great recommendations. Scott will continue to be our eyes and ears--listening for what our readers most need and keeping us on track.

Les Brown, Researcher

Les Brown, MA, CFCC is a certified Franklin Covey coach and a certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Effectiveness coach. He has Masters Degrees in philosophy and theology from the University of Ottawa. His experience includes ten years in the ministry and over fifteen years in corporate management. His expertise as an innovator and change strategist has enabled him to develop a program that allows his clients to effect deep and lasting change in their personal and professional lives.

Les is a talented writer who will be contributing in many ways to Business Coaching Worldwide. You'll find his work in "Get the Edge" this month, and he will be working in the future to research and write about leading edge and exciting developments in the business and business coaching worlds. Read more about Les in the WABC Coach Directory.

Gaynell Scott, Researcher

Gaynell Scott is a Career Development Coach and training manager for the Personnel Support Team with the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Her background is in Human Resources hiring and recruiting, and prior to joining GTRI eight years ago, she worked in hiring for the City of Charleston, South Carolina. She is a graduate of South Carolina State University.

Gaynell, a new member of our team, will contribute to the "Hiring a Business Coach?" section. She comes from the perspective of having "been there, done that" in her current position. As she researched coaching in order to find the best coaching company to partner with her organization, she recognized in herself the capacity and desire to become a coach. Since then, she has built an internal coaching program that is continuing to grow.

And lastly,

Sara Hurd, Editor

Sara Hurd, BS, CFCC has been a coach for Franklin Covey Company since 1998. She has used her skills in product development and training to develop and deliver coaching and coach training programs for Professional Education Institute. Sara owns Keyway Strategies, a coaching company specializing in helping small business owners grow their businesses, navigate a sea of technological tools, and create healthy relationships with themselves, others and their businesses. She has a passion for seeing words come together to deliver insight and growth to the reader. Read more about Sara in the WABC Coach Directory.

I see Business Coaching Worldwide as a great opportunity to tell the world about business coaching and stimulate discussion on topics that will help to shape our industry. I have already had the opportunity to speak and collaborate with thought leaders in business and business coaching, and I can tell you, the future looks bright.

Sara Hurd may be reached by email, at: BCW Editor.

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