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Wendy Johnson

When Wendy Johnson became President and CEO of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches in 2002, she had an ambitious goal: to see business coaching grow as a respected profession with WABC at the forefront.

Johnson came to WABC from a successful business coaching practice. As founder and president of Johnson ExeC Group, she designed innovative coaching programs for senior executives and other key performers. In this role, she saw firsthand the transformative power of business coaching for leaders and organizations. But she also grew frustrated with the fragmentation and lack of standards governing the business coaching industry at the time, and felt compelled to contribute at a higher level.

The opportunity to lead WABC was the ideal way for Johnson to leverage her passion and consummate professionalism. Developing business coaching as an emerging profession, Johnson has focused on creating rigorous self-regulatory initiatives. Among them: strict membership standards, a code of ethics and integrity, professional standards and evidence-based certified credentials, including the only chartered designation in the field. By insisting on professionalism and the highest of standards for business coaches, Johnson has positioned WABC as the leading international voice for business coaches, plus their training providers and clients.

Johnson brings an impressive background to her executive position, with expertise in human dynamics, behavioral science and criminal justice. Before turning to business coaching, she served as a high-profile investigator for the British Columbia government, a police officer with a BC police department and a mental health therapist. These positions deepened Johnson’s commitment to public service, social responsibility and ethical behavior, traits that have defined her work at WABC. Johnson holds an MA in Counseling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology, as well as certifications in mediation, negotiation, conflict analysis, management, interrogation and investigation. She is a Certified Executive Coach, with designations from Royal Roads University and the former National Association of Business Coaches.

Considered a thought leader in the area of business coaching, Johnson has contributed widely to coaching publications and has given keynotes and presentations at international coaching events. She is invited to review, and is often cited in, business coaching books and articles, and is sought out as a world expert in the field. Her current goal for business coaching is an ambitious one: to see a business coach working with every business, organization and government.


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