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Our core philosophies refer to our purpose and values. These grounding philosophies are timeless, and serve to keep us focused on our path to greatness.

Our Purpose
To unify business leadership throughout the world.

Our Values
More than anything else, we believe business relationships thrive when there is a solid foundation of trust. These enduring guiding values are the keystone of our organization; they support the fulfillment of our purpose and the ongoing challenge and process towards the realization of our mission and vision.

Value #1
Highly responsive, adaptable and profitable practices

We're committed to be a great organization, and one that's highly responsive to members and markets through the development of great business coaching services and products.

By being adaptive we commit to staying on the leading edge through continually seeking stakeholder feedback, and not getting bogged down by bureaucratic governance.

To realize our purpose and vision, we also know that proper funding is required for long-term sustainability. Thus, we'll seek to create and deliver services and products that have continuously better practical value to members, and that are profitable for us.

To uphold this value, we continually ask: Are we bending to the status quo? Are we bringing continual practical value to our members? Are we continuing to improve our financial position and profitability?

Value #2
Our people

We value the diverse skills, talents, experiences and cultures of our members and alliances, and our executive, advisory and support team. We know that it takes the right people in the right positions to realize our purpose, mission and vision. We're committed to nurturing, developing and growing socially responsible leaders throughout the entire Association.

To uphold this value we continually ask: Are we using our diverse talent pool? Are the right people in the right positions? Are we developing socially responsible leaders? Are we valuing and acknowledging our people?

Value #3
Corporate integrity

We believe that business is a potent force for solving social problems. We also understand that international leadership demands broad and deep corporate integrity. We're committed to conducting our business with unquestionable integrity in ethically, socially and environmentally responsible ways.

To uphold this value, we continually ask ourselves: Are our values and behaviors in alignment? How can we best contribute to the welfare of others and the world beyond our everyday range of contact? What is the right thing to do?

Value #4
A spirit of progress and relentless self-improvement

We seek to lead the business coaching market with new services and products. We seek to provide greater accomplishments and service through active experimentation and research.

Our commitment is to continually set bold and new goals that are consistent with our purpose and values. These goals will be both strategic (planned process) and evolutionary (trial and error) so that we can nurture renewal, innovation and high quality.

To uphold this value, we continually ask: Are we leading, or are we following? Do we have a new, unachieved goal to stimulate progress? Is this goal in alignment with our purpose and values? Are we valuing creativity?

Value #5
Exemplary membership care and service

We're committed to keeping our members and to bringing them exemplary world-class service. To do this, we're committed to being an Association that's high-quality touch (personalized and individualized service), high-quality inform (timely communication and relevant information) and high-quality active (membership participation and leadership opportunities).

We continually build and strengthen our high-quality touch, high-quality inform and high-quality active strategic retention processes into our daily business activities.

To uphold this value, we continually ask: Are we sweating the small stuff enough? Are we facilitating and inviting honest and straightforward feedback from all our stakeholders to help us improve? Are we evaluating our services?

Value #6
Courage We're committed to staying true to our purpose and values and doing what is right in the face of adversity and success.

To uphold this value, we continually ask: Are we doing the right thing? Are we asking the right questions? Are we measuring?

Our mission and vision support the realization
of our purpose and values.

Our Mission
To develop, advance and promote the emerging profession of business coaching worldwide.

Our Vision
A business coach working with every business, organization and government worldwide.

Our ethics guide our day-to-day business interactions
and decision making.

Our Ethics
Please read about our Code of Business Coaching Ethics and Integrity.


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