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Outstanding Contributions Awards

Introduced in 2007, the Outstanding Contributions Award recognizes members and non-members who have made outstanding achievements in, or contributions to, WABC or the business coaching industry. 

2007 Outstanding Contributions Award--Ethics
Errol P. Mendes (Canada)
Recognized and honored for his outstanding contribution to the development of the WABC Code of Business Coaching Ethics and Integrity and to the international field of ethics. As a world-renowned business ethics expert, Errol's guidance enabled the creation of our existing Code in October, 2003. Our Code embodies the highest set of principle-based commitments that WABC and its members apply to our business interactions and decision making.

Errol is a lawyer, author, professor, adviser and executive coach to NGOs, corporations, government and the United Nations. His teaching, research and consulting interests include corporate law and governance, global governance, international business and trade law, constitutional law, international law (including anti-terrorism laws and policies) and human rights law and policy. He has been a Project leader for, conflict resolution, governance and justice projects in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, El Salvador, Sri Lanka and India.
WABC Code of Ethics and Integrity | More about Errol Mendes

2007 Outstanding Contributions Award--Training
Keith To (China)
Recognized and honored for his outstanding contribution in providing WABC Round Tables and the WABC Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) Program in Hong Kong. Since 2002, Keith's committed and tireless efforts have contributed invaluably to the growing success of WABC through introducing hundreds of new members to WABC.

As a highly experienced businessman, coach, trainer and facilitator, Dr. To brings over sixteen years of extensive senior management experience after serving with Xian Zong Lin International Ltd, Star Telecom Ltd, Apple Shop Ltd and 7-Eleven. Over the last 14 years, Dr. To has been providing training and business coaching to hundreds of businesspeople and with companies including Manulife, AXA, MTR, and the China Chain Stores Association. Dr. To has also been providing the WABC Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) Program since 2002 and runs a successful coaching and training company in Hong Kong.  
WABC Round Tables | WABC RCC Program | More about Keith To

2007 Outstanding Contributions Award--Member Support Services
Lorenda Franklen (Canada)
Recognized and honored for her outstanding contribution as our WABC Member Support Specialist. From March, 2003 to February, 2007, Lorenda supported the WABC President and CEO in indescribable ways to the fulfillment of her task and contributed immeasurably in the service that she provided to so many members of the public and WABC.

A seasoned businessperson who worked in the Airlines, Hospitality and Tourism industries, Lorenda had a proven track record in business administration, management, sales, marketing and public relations. Lorenda is now enjoying retirement!

2007 Outstanding Contributions Award--BCW Editor
Sara Hurd (United States)
Recognized and honored for her outstanding contribution to our Business Coaching Worldwide (BCW) publication as our first editor from 2005 - 2006. Sara is a true pioneer believing in the vision for a world-class business coaching eZine. Launched in March, 2005, readers from over 60 countries and counting continue to enjoy open dialogue and debate about pressing business coaching issues.

Sara has been a coach for Franklin Covey Coaching and Legacy Learning since 1998. In addition to working with executives from large or small businesses, she loves to mentor and train new coaches both individually and in groups.
Business Coaching Worldwide    


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